Friday, July 25, 2014

I Wore This: Jean Patou Sublime Eau de Parfum

Amber, Vetiver, Orange Blossom. Like Teo Cabanel's Alahine, Sublime is a strange, diffusive toasted amber.

I was telling someone last night my sense of smell isn't particularly robust. I like strong, forceful things that keep reminding me they're with me. Sublime isn't strong or forceful but it's that rare fragrance that stage whispers.

People complain about a hairspray note. I often think, "What's wrong with people?"

Groggy this morning from staying up not so very late but drinking a little too much beer on an empty stomach. The company was so good and the moment so perfect I didn't want to leave. Second story stone balcony of an old quad apartment complex.

We're having what my friend said is called a...polar vortex? So the air was unusually cool, without much if any humidity. There was a little strand of colored Christmas lights strung across the balustrade; just enough illumination. The view was a textured layering of trees, very still. The mood was chatty but pensive in a languid way. There were four of us on the balcony and the sound of the other three talking was a form of lullaby.

This might have had everything or very little to do with picking Sublime this morning, and the place it's taking me.


Anne said...

Sounds very interesting! (And your night, sublime as well...we're having the same weather, but I fear it's too good to last.)

queen_cupcake said...

What a lovely scene you describe, Brian! I love those languid and all too rare moments--a delicate balance between time and place, companionship and entertainment of the senses. I like Sublime, I think, and wore it recently. A stage whisper--that fits it well. I've not been reading the blogs as much as I'd like; work has been crazy this summer. Hoping you are having a good one! Wearing Le Jardin Sur le Nil today. Best wishes~EW

Brian said...

So sorry, guys. For some reason I haven't been getting notifications about pending comments, or I would have replied sooner. Cupcake, I was thinking about you just last night, smelling that wonderful vintage Habanita and Raffinee. Work has been crazy here as well. I wonder if it will always be sometimes.