Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What Does This Woman Wear? A Full Bottle Drawing.

A friend I film a lot with, Savannah, got a fur coat from her aunt several months ago, and seeing as how she's not really a fur person, per se, making a movie seemed about the only good use for the thing.

Generally when I make movies it's a long haul, marathon type thing.  It means months of preparation - planning, budgeting, casting, et al.  The more I do it, the more I crave making films - even just once in a while - that are more like relays, more sketches than full blown murals.

Savannah and I decided to get together the other day and do something simple and abstract.  We've both always wanted to do silent movies, so we did.  We filmed a sort of character study - a woman waiting, maybe.  It was so much fun dressing up and jumping right in that we decided to continue the story every so often, to pick up where we left off and see where this woman goes, bringing other friends and places into the mix as it strikes us.

Any ideas who this woman is?  I'd love to know what perfume you think she'd be wearing, most of all.  But also maybe what she's doing there where she is and where she's going or where she's been.  I'll draw a name from the comments Monday after Thanksgiving.  Serious answers only, please.

The winner can choose from the following full bottles.  Random, I know, but I'm doing some late spring cleaning:

Bond No.9 Lexington Avenue (50 ml)
Caron Bellodgia (50 ml)
Guerlain Samsara EDT (30 ml)
Parfums de Nicolaï Vanille Tonka (30 ml)
Ava Luxe Queen Bess (30 ml)
Caron Third Man (100 ml)
Womanity (50 ml)
Bois 1920 Classic 1920
Chanel No. 19 EDP (50 ml)
Cartier Must Pour Homme (100 ml)
Guerlain L'Instant Pour Homme (100 ml)
Estee Lauder Beautiful EDP (100 ml)


Amy said...

Woo-hoo--full bottle drawing!

The hair, dramatic eye makeup, cigarette and fur coat evoke Tabac Blond. The suburban setting makes me think she didn't acquire her bottle close to home. Perhaps she's thinking about that semester she spent in Paris?

cheesegan said...

That girl looks high and contemplative. I say she's wearing Nasomatto Black Afgano.

Unknown said...

She wears Cuir de Russie, natch.

Lisa A said...

I'm with Amy - the first perfume that popped into my head was Caron Tabac Blond. I think it's the cigarettes and fur that do it for me.

Abigail said...

But I'd guess she's wearing Chanel No. 5. Not to be unimaginative but women in furs always seem "Chanel" to me.
Seems like a potential horror... :)

Elisa said...

First thing that came to me was Arpege. She seems a bit batty and aspirational. You know, in a good way.

Maureen said...

She looks like she is waiting for a lover...dreamily and patiently.

I imagine her in Miss Dior. The hair style, the cigarette, she reminds me of an early sixties debutante, trying to be sophisticated and hip, but still wearing the perfume her father bought for her.

Nina Z said...

She's falling in love with a woman for the first time. They haven't slept together yet, but they just had very flirtatious, wine-drenched lunch together. Now she's back home and she should go into the house and change, then get on with the rest of the day. But she can't just yet, not yet. She is wearing Carnal Flower by Frederic Malle.

Fernando said...

She's wearing Fleurs de Rocaille de Caron, and dreaming of family reunions when she was young, with vast crowds of cousins, aunts and uncles. All she has now is the friendship of her dog.

maitreyi1978 said...

I say she has just ended a torrid affair and is on her own for the first time in a long while. I think she's wearing Balmain's Jolie Madame.

Ankica said...

Bravo for the short :)

I don't know who she is but I would say that is contemplating...

Since I am very banal/trite person when it comes to art discussions I would draw a link between life which is passing (autumn, naked trees, leafs under feet) and her reckless acceptance of that fact. Also, there is also someone who is looking at you (behind the courtan) and someone that you are look after (the dog).

I think she is not going anywhere and she hasn't been anywhere. She is OK where she is at the moment and doesn't worry (maybe only at first) what is going to happen aferwards...

I think she is wearing Ange ou Demon.

Ankica said...

Or Jasmin noir!

Anonymous said...

This was fun to watch. After some imagining, I've decided to think she is waiting for her boyfriend and they are going to attend a wedding. An afternoon wedding. A second marriage of an elderly relative. And I think she's wearing Cuir de Russie.

lady jicky said...

I feel she is quietly celebrating her divorce (which has just come through ) and the payout is $$$ - she gets the house and the dog and she is wearing Guerlains Apres L'Ondee.

Brian said...

Hey everyone. Take note: I added several more perfumes to choose from.

annemariec said...

She is waiting for someone but not with any great sense of joy or anticipation. Nor is she in the happy after-glow of some lovely event. She looks too bored. But she likes to dream a little: she is distracted by the tracery of the branches against the sky.

She is waiting for her boyfriend to join her for a date but she can't go into the house because his mother won't allow smoking in the house. But she is a familiar visitor - the dog knows her quite well.

She is over-dressed: the coat, the chunky necklace, too much eye makeup, too high heels. She is wearing Youth Dew, and probably too much.

Fun imagining, thanks!

Isa said...

I think she has had a party at home during the night. She has been dancing, drinking and having a good time with lots of friends, who now are sleeping inside the house (but not all!). But she couldn't sleep and that's why she is in the garden thinking and trying to relax.

She could be wearing YSL Cinema.

Liza said...

She is wearing Chanel No. 5 and waiting to formally end something that was once very important to her. She feels sad, but also oddly liberated.

olenska said...

She has an wistful-hopeful air that reminds me a good deal of Edie Sedgwick at Harvard, before she moved to NYC and became embroiled in "all tomorrow's parties". I'd say she's wearing My Sin-- ironic, because she has yet to commit any.

Olfacta said...

Definitely Sixties -- the Cleopatra eye makeup, Barbra Hair, fur coat, cigarette -- Shalimar. And she's vamping a bit, don't you think? Play-acting on her own patio. She's fully within herself here. I don't think she's waiting for anyone. She may be remembering someone who has just left.

queen_cupcake said...

What a charming short film!
This lovely young woman has been out all evening with a new love interest, and is now experiencing the "dizzy dancing way you feel". She stayed with him last night. She is falling in love and thinking about where this will all lead. Although she feels sophisticated & worldly-wise, she is young and hopeful. She obviously enjoys wearing vintage fashion and her perfume is Jolie Madame.

Anonymous said...

She is an aspiring actress smoking in the back garden of her lovers house. He is looking out of the window longingly.

She is most definitely wearing Jasmin et Cigarette by Etat Libre d'Orange.

samberg said...

Glamour girl in your best coat and your big jewels, savoring your cigarette among dry leaves, what are you waiting for?

Opulent gazes at budless trees and open-toe shoes betray you. Spring seems so far away. Your ladylike sway of a rain dance is a silent chamade beckoning the hairdo-wrecking downpours of April.

Mother Nature sends moist dog tongue to your toes as if to say summer is closer than you think.


I believe our lady is clothed the "c'mon spring!" robe of Chamade.




Gator Grad said...

Cuir de Russie and Tabac Blond are too obvious, right? Vintage Cabochard fits: the fur, dog, smoke, good boned shoes, the morning chill. Though she wouldn't normally wear such inexpensive perfume, she received it as a present from a man that she wanted to be her lover, and she wears too much of it. When she walks in, she fills the room.

Her husband is inside the house (which ties in those great shots through the screen). He's furious at her. They are recently separated, and he has just bailed her out of jail for driving while under the influence in his car (she didn't normally drive at all when they were married). She was wearing that outfit in jail. It's early morning. She hasn't showered (or put on perfume) since the previous morning.

Side note: Very cool aesthetic in the mini video. I run a marketing dept for $$$$ but never learned to do video. It seems so cool to shoot stuff like that. Plus, Savannah has such a beautiful face. That shot where she is looking up (filmed from above) makes her look so, so pretty. And the shot through the screen is great.

Natasha said...

She's daydreaming about the object of her affection.

From her edgy/extravagant style of dress and hair she isn't going to wear a trendy perfume of today, she wears something rich and unusual.

Bal a Versailles-it goes with the opulence of that coat and the jewels. Also goes with the lusty daydreams. Not just any bottle of BaV fresh off the shelf, her bottle is an old one with real civet, amber & musk, an elaborate shaped large bottle of parfum, because she applies it heavily.

JAntoinette said...

I love this little film, melancholy and indulgent at the same time. Our heroine's fabulous playboy husband had gambled all of their fortune and lost it in the crash of 1929. She is sitting outside in the cruel winter air as the bill collectors are emptying her house of every last valuable. Ever the survivor, she refuses to give up her fur, her diamonds or her bottle of Joy, given to her after the disaster as a final extravagant gift, the last desperate act of a broken man.

audreylicious said...

She is a quirky, suburban, slightly depressed, noir-film lover who is having her first affair but is unsure of her decision. She's hesitating because she's not sure if she really wants to do this, but is trusting the universe to guide her. In her head, she's dancing to a tune that gives her strength before she makes her decision.
And her perfume, of course, is jasmin et cigarettes because it's in her price range and just quirky enough to match her personality. To me, jasmin et cigarettes is like a 12 year old smoking at a boy-girl party......way out of her league, but trying to be cool. This woman seems like she's not comfortable, and under all that fur and makeup she's a lovely, pretty, gentle girl.

sean's jo said...

I get a Judy Garland vibe; a woman of great talent but not quite comfortable in her own skin. She is searching for comfort, love, happiness; able to see it and provide it to others but unable to find her own. She would be wearing ma griffe.

Anonymous said...

She is wearing PG Intrigant Patchouli, and the fur coat belonged to her late grandmother, from the time when she was a minor member of the Viennese aristocracy, before the war and before she sailed to America.

dissed said...

She's waiting to be picked up by an old friend, male, who needed a presentable date for an evening out. It's a long drive, so she's overdressed for early evening, but they'll have dinner on the way. She has nothing invested except a few hours, so she has no control issues: just show up, enjoy herself, and be driven home. She's wearing the Bellodgia, which she normally wouldn't, and daydreaming while she waits.

Karen said...

She misses her husband who is in the air force. She hears a plane overhead which makes her look up. She's thinking about him while smoking. She's dancing to music that's playing in side and thinking of the good times she had before with him before he left. She can't wait for him to come home. She bought the mink coat at a thrift store to make her feel sexy and loved while he's gone. She's wearing Irresistible because thats the way she wants to feel.

Lia Lias said...

She had been to a late night party. When she came home, it’s already dawn. She didn’t wanna go in yet, so she took out her cigarette and started smoking. Enjoying the morning view, she started to think. She was thinking about her past, and then her future. The thoughts made her happy, “I’ve been longing for a change,” she thought. She was wearing Guerlain Vol de Nuit.