Monday, November 16, 2009

A Tribute to Diptyque L'Eau Trois

Diptyque L'Eau Trois is the best myrrh focused fragrance I have ever sniffed.

Somehow I managed to buy a bottle of L'Eau Trois many years ago before I was even a full fledged Scent Junkie, in fact, I still have my first bottle, with only about 15% remaining. L'Eau Trois has been around since 1975 and I probably stumbled across it in the mid-90's. I have lived in fear of it's discontinuation ever since. And now that terrible day has dawned...L'Eau Trois is discontinued.

I have a few other myrrh/resin focused fragrances; Annick Goutal Myrrhe Ardente, Laura Tonatto Amir, Etro Messe de Minuit, the CdG incense series and to a lesser extent L'Artisan Passage d'Enfer, but none of these are as good as L'Eau Trois. I'm serious, I really think L'Eau Trois is the holy grail of myrrh fragrances. The discontinuation of this pains me.

Myrrh seems a difficult scent to get right. As much as I love Annick Goutal fragrances, Myrrhe Ardente was a let down, it mostly smells of root beer. In my book, fragrant myrrh needs to be resinous, woody, herbaceous, incense-y and only barely sweet. Most other myrrh fragrances are actually amber scents with too much vanilla frosting. L'Eau Trois is so perfect, it's as if I wrote a letter to Diptyque asking them to create an exquisitely dry (dry as a bone) scent, with loads of herbs, woods, spice, incense and barely a drop of something sweet just to make it a perfume one can wear in public.

Rustic is a word that comes to mind when I smell L'Eau Trois. It's a rustic, natural, earthy, sappy smell. I think of tree sap - gooey and golden. Thyme and rosemary are prominent notes - which I adore - it's not very often you smell these herbs in perfume. And there's also a coniferous (pine) quality to L'Eau Trois. The scent of L'Eau Trois is so balancing, centering and idyllic it seems the perfect antidote to a stressed individual. Diptyque suggest that L'Eau Trois is meant to capture Northern Greece. I've never been to Northern Greece, but if it smells like this, I would love to visit and stay for awhile. Having recently moved to the southwestern United States, I find a striking similarity with the smells here in the high desert. Perhaps this is why I've been craving L'Eau Trois and brooding over it's discontinuation.

I think of L'Eau Trois as an uncompromising perfume renegade. She doesn't smell of flowers or vanilla or citrus or fruit like the vast majority of fragrances. In my mind, L'Eau Trois is Amelia Earhart, a pioneer who has left us before her time.

The nose behind this fragrance is Serge Kalouguine. Notes are: rosemary, myrrh, myrtle, oregano, cistus labdanum, pine, laurel, and thyme.


Mals86 said...

Haven't smelled this one... doubt I'll bother now, although usually the words "beautiful and discontinued" set up serious lemmings. I really loved La Myrrhe, and am saving up for a decant. It's one of those I don't think I'd wear all that often, but it did touch off an emotional reaction. I've come to realize that unless I get that emotional zing from a particular scent, there's simply no point in buying it.

Brian said...

I love L'eau Trois, Abigail. I picked some up in Milan, after the sales associate told me it's been cancelled. Hearing that tends to put me over the fence. What if I leave without buying it and two months from now I realize I have to have it? I like Trois far better than the Comme des Garcon incense series, and I'm a staunch fan of CDG fragrances overall.

Trois is more resinous than any of those and most of the incense fragrances I've smelled. It has depth where others are arid and sheer. It strikes a perfect balance between sweet and savory, though of course there's nothing gourmand about it. It does have a weird spiced element for me. Have you tried Eau Lente?

Sabbath said...

Abigail, it is a great note about a wonderful, hypnotizing fragrance. I also admire L'Eau Trois and some time ago I've mannaged to provide me a iron ration of 3 bottles. Although there is a problem with buiyng L'Eau Trois now: about half a year ago my friend bought two bottles of it and they both had a changed smell - not much different from the propper composition, but still it was not the same. I think buying it will become more and more risky.
Thank you for this note.

Anonymous said...

Paestum Rose is my favourite frankincence and myrrh fragrance -- it is just gorgeous!

Of course, now I will scour the earth to find some of the Eau Trois...