Sunday, November 8, 2009

TWRT on Sunday 11.8.09

This Week's random thoughts ~

It's only a matter of time until I decide a pair of cowgirl boots would be tres chic.

The dry desert climate is changing my taste in perfumes. At least I think it's the climate but maybe it's the season because I cannot fathom wearing a big floral right now. It's all woods, spices, incense and resins which seem to match the terrain here.

Are you watching Parks & Recreation with Amy Poehler? The show is hysterical, don't miss it. Plus I worry not enough people are watching it and it will be canceled.

I hardly ever complain/comment about the price of perfume but the Le Labo City Exclusives and the new Creed Sublime Vanille are making $250 bottles seems reasonable. I seriously hope that $1000 bottles of perfume aren't on the horizon. My scented hobby does have a limit. I do think the Creed bottle is gorgeous, though.

Sopapillas are so good. They are similar to beignets in New Orleans but even better.

I saw Julia & Julie last night. It's a great, feel good flick. I feel like cooking.

Wasn't there a magnolia scent coming from Frederic Malle this Fall?

I'm still head over heels in love with Le Labo's Aldehyde 44. It's in my top 10 of all time. Don't ask me to list my top 10, though. It would probably be around 25.

Brian was right about the Limited Edition Angel and Alien Liqueur. I really like the Alien liqueur. It's so over the top I feel as if I should be going to the Rocky Horror Picture show when I wear it. Fragrances are supposed to be fun and interesting - not practical - at least not practical all the time. I'm wearing Alien Liqueur right now...L.O.V.E it.

Jo Malone Vanilla & Anise is pleasant. It mostly smells like root beer to me.

Sandwich of the week: breakfast burrito made with egg whites, refried pinto beans, green chiles (mild), Paul Newman's peach salsa, and a dab of light sour cream and guacamole.

Purchase I'm most looking forward to showing up: Parfum d'Empire Equistrius.

Pre-order I've long given up on liking: L'Artisan Havana Vanille

Aspect of perfume I enjoy the least: advertising. The models seem increasingly young and I'm just so tired of the sexy 17 year old girl ad. Yawn.

Notes I'd like to see show up in perfumery: aloe, cactus, pinon, roasted pecans, spray of sunset, old leather saddle, aspens in the mountains, tomatillo (!) ;-)


Violaine said...

ohhh, nice boots!

Mals86 said...

I tried a few JM's early in my sniffage, but very soon they began to seem like training wheels to me. That said, I can see how root beer would be pleasant.

What's up with the Havana Vanille?? (I have yet to test, but a friend has preordered as well, so I know there's a sample coming.)

You seem to be settling happily into your new SW home. Congrats.

Anonymous said...

So you are there already. How do you like it so far. I was just talking to my friend in Roswell, who reports that the weather is fab.
The boots are cool, I have been wearing western boots all my life, but am really smitten by the Beverly Feldman Tart in black. a zipper thing, and I have no idea why.

I love those notes you mentioned: People are hesitant to try our new Mexicali Rose with the cilantro note, but once they try it they get it.
Wish I were moving in next door, I really miss NM, and am planning a quick trip after the first of the year.
Liz Z....

Abigail said...

Liz Z,
Hiya! Glad you stopped by. Yep, I'm here in NM already. Loving it. My college roomie was from Roswell so I know that alien town well ;)
I'm so enjoying all the smells here. Aaaaah the smell of mesquite and pinon wood burning in the kiva. *looks dreamy*