Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Miller Harris Noix de Tubereuse: My Little Story

When Brian posted his review of NdT it gave me a flood of memories.

It was about 7 years ago and I lived in New Jersey. I lived in a sleepy little town along the Delaware river called Frenchtown. About 30 minutes directly south is a less sleepy little town called New Hope, PA, known for it’s antique shops and restaurants. I remember being in a boutique and coming across the Miller Harris line. I had never seen nor sniffed the Miller Harris line and I was quite taken with their beautiful boxes and bottles. Truth be told I hadn’t seen nor sniffed much back then. I probably had about 5 bottles of perfume at home and thought this was excessive. So there I was, in this little shop, completely fascinated by Miller Harris. I sniffed and sniffed each and every scent from the line and knew I just had to have one. After about 30 minutes I think the shop owner got nervous that I was some sort of freak who would never buy anything and never leave. Eventually I decided upon my favorite – which was Noix de Tubereuse. After spending so much time I was embarrassed to ask the price so I simply bought it. I remember being shocked at the price tag which I think was $110. Back then, all the perfumes I bought cost around $50 bucks so this hundred dollar perfume was a big deal. I left the shop with my little treasure in hand. I was so excited. I brought my luxurious perfume home and stared at the bottle all night. It was such a treat. I remember thinking the scent was a bit strong and heavy and wondering if I could pull it off at the office.

Now it’s 7 years later. I still have that bottle of Noix de Tubereuse with about 10 ml remaining and so much has changed.

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MyPerfumeLife said...

Fabulous story. It's great when a perfume experience leaves such a lasting impression. I vividly remember the first time I smelt Angel.