Saturday, June 19, 2010

Oh, the Womanity!

The big question: “What does Womanity smell like?”

To me, it smells like salt. It’s a little woody, a smidge sweet, but mostly it's a mild salty skin scent with some aldehydes. For a Mugler scent, Womanity is low key. It is not a sillage monster like previous perfumes from Mugler.

Womanity begins with some bright citrus notes but quickly dissipates into a mild, vaguely fruity (fig) scent over salty driftwood. Caviar is listed as a note and I don’t smell anything resembling fish eggs (thank goodness). Womanity is much more subtle and tasteful than I expected. It’s quite wearable; anytime, anyplace, and I think it would work in the heat as well as cold weather. Actually, I’m not sure what others will think but the most apt description I can give you is salty driftwood. It reminds me of the seashore, of the breeze blowing off the ocean on a mild and temperate day. I like it.

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Above pic not entirely stolen, credit is being given, to the brilliant Nathan Branch.


Veroushka said...

It sounds like it would smell a lot like Bois Naufrage. I don't have Womanity to compare though... if anyone has smelled them both, please weigh in!

Nathan Branch said...

Oh, you liked it! That's a pleasantly surprising turn of events.

I wasn't so sure you'd go for what Mugler was dishing out this time around, but Womanity is a lot more casual and comfortably wearable than its rather stern bit of packaging would lead one to believe, isn't it?

La Bonne Vivante said...

sounds good, for once! I am actually looking forward to sniffing this mugler!

And what a cool bottle

Anonymous said...

This doesn't sound half bad! Thanks for the review. I think I will try to track down a sample bottle in the store when this comes out. I'm afraid it may scare my other bottles though. ;)

Le critique de parfum said...

Womanity smells like failure to me. A fig a la Flowerbomb with a hint of Mugler's own Innocent. The perfume world doesn't need another so so fragrance. Especially from Thierry Mugler.

Abigail said...

Le Critique,

I find it interesting what others deem to be failures vs. interesting.

Guerlain, for instance, is known for recycling the same old stuff and renaming it over and over. But they aren't failures on the blogosphere.