Thursday, July 23, 2009

TWRT 7.24.09

This week’s random thoughts –

Damn. True Blood is so good. I *hate* when the episode ends.

I enjoyed this review on Fragrance Bouquet for Bond No. 9’s new Andy Warhol series scent. It’s called Success is a Job in NY and I’m looking forward to taking it out for a spin now.

I’m not even a big vetiver fan but I’m needing some Guerlain Vetiver Pour Elle and Encre Noir Pour Elle.

The past 2 years or so I’ve been gravitating towards the color orange. Prior to this phase I never, I mean ever, wore orange.

Beverage of the week: Diet Dr. Pepper.

Kevin on NowSmellThis has caused me to also want to give a kidney for Comptoir Sud Pacifique Thé Eau de Parfum. I’ve never even sniffed it but with my love of tea scents, I feel like I’m craving it as much as he is. I'm so suggestible.

I didn’t realize Rupert Everett was such an imbecile (re: his MJ commentary).

Coromandel blossoms beautifully in the heat.

I finished off a bell jar of Chergui and ordered a new bottle from Aedes. When I received it in the usual square bottle with spray I realized I was actually happier this way – I prefer to spray.

Vintage Hermes Caleche is so much better than the current formulation. It’s terribly sad.

Because of this thread on POL I’m on the hunt for some vintage Shalimar. Again, terribly sad.

Sandwich of the week: ham and brie (both thickly sliced) on French bread with spicy mustard and cranberry sauce.

This is the point in summer when I’m utterly bored by light, fresh, summery scents and begin craving and wearing the heavies. Today I wore Chinatown.

Have a fragrant weekend, everyone!


Elizabeth said...

Mmmmm, ham and brie. Sounds like a great idea! I might throw some cornichons on it and have me a nice lunch tomorrow. As for VPE, I agree, and had to have it. I walked into the Guerlain boutique yesterday and saw it sitting there, and I lost all sense of reason. The fact that they had only one bottle left made it seem all the more precious, of course. Encre Noir is also quite nice; I need to spend more time with my decant. And finally, Coromandel is a HG of mine, and I fully agree with you that it's marvelous in the heat.

Tara said...

Hey I'm wearing Chinatown too...Love it.

moongrrl said...

I've been drinking Diet Dr. Pepper this week, too. It makes me want to find an older bottle of Dior Hypnotic Poison.

Nina Z. said...

You're not the only one who is suggestible! You made me want to try the Creed Tubereuse and I don't even like tuberose.

I will now go put on some Chinatown in your honor. On a cold foggy summer day in the San Francisco Bay Area, it seems like a perfect idea.