Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Prada Infusion de Tubereuse: A review

Ok, fellow fragrance fanatics, make sure you properly set your expectations for this one. This is Infusion de Tubereuse, a new addition to Prada’s Ephemeral Infusion Collection.

lasting a very short time; short-lived; transitory: the ephemeral joys of childhood.
lasting but one day: an ephemeral flower.
anything short-lived, as certain insects.

1570–80; < Gk ephḗmer(os) short-lived, lasting but a day (ep- ep- + hēmér(a) day + -os adj. suffix) + -al1

—Related forms
e•phem•er•al•ly, adverb
e•phem•er•al•ness, noun
non•e•phem•er•al, adjective
non•e•phem•er•al•ly, adverb
un•e•phem•er•al, adjective
un•e•phem•er•al•ly, adverb

1. fleeting, evanescent, transient, momentary, brief.
1. permanent.

I think Prada’s Infusion collection are meant to be modern eau fraiche, eau legere or summertime colognes. Think of 4711 and how it is meant to be sprayed or splashed liberally and often. Prada’s Infusion collection make me think of sitting down to a meal and being served a lemon scented towel to clean your hands and freshen up.

Infusion de Tubereuse is a pretty, sheer, wispy tuberose fragrance. I think it is just right for what it aimed to be and who it’s consumers are likely to be. I am a tuberose fanatic and I do like this tuberose. It is a beginner tuberose. It is delicate and infused with loads of clean freshness, citrus and green. It is not an indolic tuberose, certainly no metallic, meaty, fleshy, animalic vibes going on here. This is a paired down, simple and fresh tuberose. It is pretty much exactly what I expected. I will wear this during the warm weather this summer. It is polite and socially acceptable. I think those who dislike tuberose could actually enjoy this. Those who adore tuberose might be the one’s disappointed.

Notes: Indian tuberose, petitgrain bigarade, blood orange and dynamone.

Also pictured above is Prada Infusion de Vetiver, coming soon...


Sarah said...

You know, I wasn't sure when I first read about this whether I'd like it or not. I like my tuberoses to shout TUBEROSE in best John Belushi fashion.
Having said that, a wispy, transparent tuberose would be lovely in the middle of summer.
Hmmm ... looks like I'll be trying this out after all.

Zazie said...

I would have loved the IDT to smell like you described it!
To my nose (and on my skin) it was just so candy sweet... I got a whisper of tubey, a pinch of orange and a big bowl of hard candies.
But maybe it is really my own issue: from the few reviews I read so far, apparently I am the only one complaining for the tooth-aching sweetness... :(

Mals86 said...

Is "ephemeral tuberose" the same thing as "military intelligence" or "jumbo shrimp"?

I like straight-up tuberose, so I'll probably be disappointed. If I see it somewhere (unlikely!) I'll test it, but I won't buy a sample...

junaduft said...

I happened to try this one yesterday in a department store. It was pretty, but the top notes evaporated very quickly. The base smelled like a fainter Secret Obsession.

I found it disappointing.

Anonymous said...

*wamp womp*

No surprises all around.

Martha said...

Hm. Hmmm. I might normally say that I want my tuberose to be more in the knock-me-down realm, but blood orange? That's very interesting.

Anonymous said...

i am still dying to try it... i do love IDI. and that packaging is so killer!! too bad i have a stuffy nose from a cold so it'll have to wait :(