Saturday, January 24, 2009

Guerlain Shalimar

There weren’t any members of my immediate family growing up who wore perfume. I don’t have memories of my mother’s fragrance wafting about the rooms or recall the scent of my grandmother. Finally, by the time I was a young adult, there were additions to my family, and these women wore perfume. Two of my uncles got married and these new aunts liked fragrance. Then one of my college friends also liked perfume and wore it every day. The commonality for all of these women is that they have one signature scent that they adore and will wear for the rest of their lives. All three of these women wear Shalimar and only Shalimar. They are devoted to Shalimar as if they’re married to it. And, I believe all three wear only the pure parfum.

Because I know and love all of these women I have a good association with the fragrance. I never wore Shalimar because it seemed to be “their” perfume, not mine, and I never felt allowed to wear it, at least not in their presence. So for many years, I secretly coveted the ability to wear Shalimar. About five years ago I moved to another state. I don’t see my aunts or my college friend but maybe once or twice per year now. We talk, we email, we stay in touch, but we see each other less. One of the first things I did once I realized I could was to buy Shalimar for myself. Even now, after several years have passed, I feel as if I’m sneaking around when I wear it.

I love the smell of Shalimar but usually find it a little too heavy and sexy for day-time wear. Recently I’ve found that Shalimar shower gel followed with the body lotion is absolutely perfect. I might also use one spritz of the perfume on my wrist just so I can smell it when I want.

I’ll never feel like Shalimar is my scent, but I love it nonetheless. I might love it even more since it’s a forbidden fruit for me. There is something about that mysteriously beautiful bottle that’s so magical and alluring. And, perhaps it’s only because of my experience with Shalimar, but it seems to be an only child. Shalimar looks perfect as the sole perfume on the bureau of a woman who adores it. It doesn’t seem right when Shalimar is grouped in a large collection. Shalimar is meant to be a monogamous scent, a scent for the devoted.

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