Sunday, August 9, 2009

Really love your peaches want to shake your tree

As much as I hold the house of Parfums MDCI in high esteem, their peach fragrance, Peche Cardinal, was not right for me. Peche Cardinal is far too sticky, drippy, juicy sweet and didn’t seem like a sophisticated perfume. I was disappointed, because I’m smitten with several others from MDCI.

For me, the ultimate peach fragrance is Keiko Mecheri Peau de Peche. If you desire a peach scent that doesn’t evoke Jolly Rancher candies or syrup, but instead the soft fuzzy skin of a perfectly ripe peach, then this is the one for you.

KM Peau de Peche makes me want to smell like a peach. Even though it isn’t citrusy it still has that “happy” effect on me that’s usually reserved for scents with orange, lemon and grapefruit. And, most amazing of all, KM Peau de Peche smells like real perfume, like something an adult can wear with panache. Peau de Peche starts of like you just sliced open a peach; it’s juicy, delectable and full of nectar. I always want to drink it. Once it dries down, however, the juicy quality reduces and it becomes slightly woody and powdery. KM Peau de Peche stays relatively dry and not overly sweet especially for a fruity scent. The dry down is sublime; it becomes all sandalwood with a hint of peach.

Peau de Peche, like every Keiko Mecheri perfume I’ve tried, is minimalist, simple and well done. I know it’s because Keiko Mecher is Japanese but I get an Asian vibe from her fragrances. Peau de Peche makes me want to don a silk kimono, walk into a room through sliding rice paper doors and pour myself a spot of jasmine tea. I feel elegant, uncluttered, peaceful and happy when I wear Peau de Peache.

There seem to be a good amount of aldehydes in Peau de Peche because the sillage is decent and it pops off the skin a bit. The longevity is good, especially if you apply liberally.

Notes: white peach, orris powder, sandalwood, amber wood

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Tara said...

Great review. How would you compare this to MDCI Peche Cardinal?

Abigail said...


Hmm, am I confusing two MDCI fragrances? Maybe the Peche Cardinal is the one I meant to reference in the review. I need to go do a side-by-side of the Peche and the Vepres and update the blog if that's the case! I'll answer your question once I do that. :-)

krnszn said...

Peach is my all-time favorite fruit, but I can't say I've tried any peach fragrances, though I have D&G The One, which to me smells like apricots (yum!). I think I need to get my hands on the KM. Thanks for the review, Abigail!

Abigail said...

Thanks for your comment. I'm just about to edit the review because I meant Peche Cardinal and not Vepres after all.

ahsumaker said...

Lovely write-up about Peau de Peche. I didn't think I wanted to smell like peach til I smelled this one. There's a bit too much white musk in the drydown for me, but I can still appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Definitely want to try this one! Peche Cardinal did not strike me as very peachy. Renee Snowpeach is very peachy. Bring it on!