Friday, August 14, 2009

TWRT 8.14.09

This Week's Random Thoughts ~

I realized this week that I loathe pink pepper. I’m so tired of this jarring pepper note showing up in florals. Pink pepper already seems dated to me, it’s so 2002.

I just found out my little dog Greta needs surgery. This will cost approximately $4,000. There goes my fragrance budget for the next year. You will likely see a lot more posts about “oldies but goodies.”

I purchased a bottle of vintage Shalimar to compare with my current Shalimar(s). The vintage is ‘parfum de toilette’ concentration and dates to approximately 1970. It has not turned and is in pristine condition. I have both the edt and edp in the modern Shalimar. After reading how awful the modern reformulated Shalimar is I decided to do a side by side comparison. Honestly, I don’t notice much difference. In fact, I prefer the current edp to the vintage pdt.

I watched a fascinating vampire movie last weekend. If you like quirky films and don’t mind a bit of gore you ought to check out the Swedish vampire movie called: Låt den rätte komma in or Let The Right One In, in english.

I bought PG Bois Blond a few months ago. I sniffed it and thought it was nondescript with very little hay. Yesterday I was craving a hay note intensely so I tried it again. This time – it was amazing. I have no idea what the issue may be but I definitely have “off” sniffing days.

I just noticed that the first two notes of Amouage Epic (Woman) are cumin and pink pepper. I have no problem with cumin but pink pepper, as I just mentioned, is my most hated note lately.

I have not tried, nor do I desire, any Boudicca fragrances. Zero interest.

America Idol needs Paula Abdul. Simon & Paula together are a big part of the show. Plus, we need a nice, loopy judge who’s always late, may or may not be drunk/on drugs and wears the tackiest clothes.

Sandwich of the week: Roast chicken on soft whole wheat (sans crust) with thinly sliced mango and chopped fresh herbs whipped in the mayonnaise.

I read this on Beauty Snob blog and it made me laugh out loud: “a pierced nose is a large pore for life.”

I’ve found NARS lipstick and eye shadow to be the best of the best, except for their lipstick called “Senorita.” This color has no staying power. True, it’s a sheer sparkly beige, but it should last better.

In case anyone out there uses Avene Diacneal just thought I’d let you know you can have it for incredibly cheap from this pharmacy in Greece. I’ve ordered twice already – the product is perfect and the shipping is fast.

Parfum d’Empire 3 Fleurs and Wazamba are on their way to me from Luckyscent. I read 3 Fleurs was heavy on tuberose and that sounds really nice to me. Early reports on Wazamba sound intriguing as well.

Just read a thread on Basenotes about the Serge Lutens non-exports becoming available worldwide in a few weeks. Imagine being able to purchase any Lutens you’d like from the Paris Salon? Seriously?
Here's the link to the Basenotes thread This is still at the rumor stage – but what an exciting rumor...

Beverage of the weekend: I’m visiting my Mom so it will be vodka & tonic. I’m packing a bottle of Grey Goose.

Have a fragrant weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

Speaking of ordering from a pharmacy in Greece, have you (or do you know of anyone) who has ordered from Russian online perfume retailers? Won't say which discontinued perfume(s) I spotted there, but it is down to this blog that I lust after them!

Still, ordering from Russia seems fraught with risk...


Tania said...

Damn, that's a big vet bill! Bugger. I hope Greta is going to be ok, though.
As for your budget, maybe you can do a lot of sample-swapping with friends, to tide you over. Perfume care packages! (Speaking of samples, I just got mine from the draw. Very generous - thanks! Am now wearing Pulp.)

Agree about pink pepper. I scent-stripped the new Amouage last week and immediately commented on the pepper to the SA. I wasn't that impressed. So she gave me another one to try. I loved that one, but now I don't know if it was Ubar or Homage!

I'm not a big fan of Shalimar. The 'Light' is the only one I wear, and that not often.

I just got 'Let the Right One In', and look forward to watching it when I get time. Have you read the book?

The sandwich sounds tasty. Mine this week was smoked salmon, crispy bacon and mango chutney, on wholemeal. Seriously. It was very good!

I'd hold fire on rejoicing about the Lutens until it's confirmed - rumours can tease, as I found when the much-talked-of Comic Con announcement of a Doctor Who movie turned out to be total bollocks.... ;-)
But if it's true, won't that be great for the non-European SL fans!

Gator Grad said...


What do you think of Pulp?? I am dying to try this one. What are your thoughts??

Violaine said...

I am really happy to read SHALIMAR has not changed too much.
I love it, it is my #1 favorite.

Since i am not accustomed to every specific notes in perfumes, i still cannot distinguish the pink pepper note; your post will help me try my nose to some juices in display. - V

Abigail said...

I've never ordered *from* Russia but I have sent perfume *to* Russia and it's worked out fine. It did take 6 weeks to arrive though...
The only countries I've had problems sending/receiving fragrance are Italy and Mexico.

I know, I'm still in shock over the Vet bill. She goes in for surgery next Tuesday. Please send good vibes for my little doggie :-)

And, yes, I'll need to curtail my spending big-time. Splitting/swapping will be the way to go! I've often wished splitting were a bit easier. It's hard to find 2-3 people who want the exact same perfume as me, you know?

re: Amouage, I haven't tried Homage, but Ubar is a gigantic aldehydic floral bomb! Mostly a slightly oriental white floral. I couldn't really deal with it, and I expected to like it. I have about 2 ml left to try when the weather cools.

Ooooh! I'm excited for you to watch the vampire's really quirky and memorable. Brian has seen it and loved it too so make sure to tell us what you think. I haven't read the book yet, but I am very curious now after having seen the film. I searched online for some details afterward and found out some interesting points after watching the movie - but I won't mention here bc it's a spoiler.

Your sandwich sounds lovely. I could eat salmon everyday.

Well, don't rejoice about Shalimar yet ;-) It seems everyone but me thinks the current formulation is a shadow of it's former self. Maybe I have bad taste but I enjoy the current edp very much (not so much the edt - it's rather "ragged"). And I do want to get the parfum/extrait someday.

Anonymous said...

Poor Greta, and poor you! Hope she'll be okay.

I agree on the current Shalimar edp...still beautiful. It reminds me of how the EDT *used* to be, but more so. The current EDT is just so blah, I don't know why they bother.

I'm enjoying your "Sandwiches of the Week"! I've made your ham and brie a couple times, but substituted fig and date chutney for the cranberry.

I've heard great things about "Let the Right One In". Vampires must be the new black or something. I just watched the first season of True Blood, and I am well and truly hooked.

I think I may be moving away from niche a bit. Everything I'm liking lately is Chanel or Guerlain, Dior or Givenchy. And I'm loving the men's fragrances..been wearing Dior Homme 3 days in a row!

Karen G

dea said...

hey there, a big gail!

i watched this movie with my teen daughters, and my oldest (17) really liked it but my younger one (14) likes Twilight better. lol. i love twisted, chaste and doomed romances.

i was quasi-enjoying cheezits and diet pepsi when i read about your wonderful edibles. it figures.

my cat, richard pryor, just had a huge vet bill, too! (hence the cheezits and diet pepsi) i feel for you, and wish your little greta a speedy recovery.
did you know that the cure for chronic feline bladder infections is a sex change? (gasp!) i didn't!

lastly, there is some "thing" in shalimar (edp and parfum, even vintage) and jicky (vintage or new) that makes my stomach turn. literally turn. i feel like i mixed a strong vinagrette with melted vanilla ice cream in my stomach.

i can wear shalimar eau legere, with the lemon as a palate cleanser, but even that gets kind of iffy after a while.

tell me what you thought of that molinard, sometime. (i didn't like it much)

darn idea, rasputin

ps. hi brian!

ScentScelf said...

I just made one of those horrible FB lists, and "a bunch of vampire films collectively" was one of my entries...have been meaning to see that one...NetFlix on demand is about to become my very good friend...hope it's there.

YES! Bois Blond!!! It's got that hint of Guillame something lurking, which makes the hayfest all the more special. There's sunshine all through it to me...not artificial, or harsh, or cliched, but sunshine captured by vegetation, and not just a haystack in the middle of the field. Not a haystack in a barn, either...

Tania said...

Gator Grad,

at first sniff of bottle I wasn't impressed, but on skin, I like it. It is fruity but also green, with a sweet something in the background. It's more subtle than I expected. (I'm no good at describing notes, though).
I think it's probably too young for me, with the fruity and all, but hell, there are days when I feel immature... ;-)

Tania said...

good vibes - check! I am sure they'll take good care of her.

I've never done a bottle split. I know there are site forums where people do that, but I don't comment often enough to access the 'cool kid' threads with swapping, splitting and selling privileges.

Ah, then I think it was Homage I liked. It was more rose than white flower.

Ok, I'll let you know what I think of 'Let the right One In'. Too busy to sit down & watch it on the weekend - though I did see the new Tarantino, 'Inglourious Basterds' with a friend. It's, um, interesting! I'm still not sure what to make of it, nor is my friend.