Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pucker Up

The weather this time of year, with the last vestiges of hot sunny days bearing a cool crispness around the edges always makes me crave tart fruity fragrances. I’ve been wearing one little trollop called Aqua Allegoria Grosselina off and on all summer but now is the time when I pull out my tartest berry scents and wear them exclusively for a week or two.

Here are some of my favorites:

I think everyone knows the story of Yvresse and its original name being Champagne. The French champagne industry brought a lawsuit against usage of the name “Champagne” and hence YSL re-named the fragrance Yvresse. Either way, the fragrance is drop dead gorgeous. Yvresse was originally aptly named because it is like champagne with its effervescent, fruity, crisp and tart quality. Yvresse is the ultimate in tart little numbers, she is the king and queen of tartness but she is ultimately easily worn and elegant. Every single time I wear Yvresse I stop at some point during the day and think "I should wear this more often..."

Annick Goutal Quel Amour!
Quel Amour is a tart berried scent draped over creamy powdery musks and springtime roses and peonies. Quel Amour often strikes me as a lovely wedding scent. It is so darn Pretty with a capital P.

Annick Goutal Eau de Charlotte is another fruity floral with emphasis on berries but this one settles down and doesn’t remain tart on me. It’s still beautiful but not quite the ultimate in puckeryness like it's sister Quel Amour!

Byredo Pulp
Pulp is an absurdly tart mélange of fruits, but I love it. Along with citrus and orange blossom type scents Pulp’s sort of exuberant fruitiness always feels uplifting.

Jo Malone Wild Fig & Cassis
This is the tartest fig on the market. Other figs can be salty or sweet but Jo Malone’s Fig is puckery and tart due to the cassis note. It’s a nice fig scent. I like the juxtaposition of sweet fig and tart cassis.

Teo Cabanel Julia
Oh, Teo Cabanel, everything you do is simply perfect...Julia, is a fruity floral done right, similar to Annick Goutal in style. Julia is not an insipid fruity floral by any stretch mostly because she maintains a green (rhubard) tart fruity texture (blackcurrant). Notes are list as: mandarin, rhubarb, blackcurrant, jasmine, hyacinth and violet, sandalwood, incense, citrus and musk. I'm wearing Julia today and am feeling a tad special because not too many know of this beautiful fragrance.

Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Grosselina
Grosselina is a scent I’ve been wearing a lot this summer. I love the main event which is red currants. The fragrance dries down much less puckery than at the start but the whole affair is certainly an ode to tart red currants.

I figure I’ll stop here. Do you like tart, berried fragrances? Which are your favorites?

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Elisa said...

I *love* tart scents (tart foods and drinks too). Two of my favorites are L'Ombre dans l'Eau and Moschino Couture. I never hear anyone mention Couture, but it has a very tart red fruity note that I think is supposed to be pomegranate. I haven't tried most of your suggestions, so I'll have to look for those. I like Pulp (it reminds me of cranberry juice) but can't see paying the Byredo premium just to get a tart fix. I actually feel like tartness is underused in fragrances...