Saturday, May 31, 2008

Miller Harris Geranium Bourbon: A Review

Miller Harris: (excerpt from the website) Lyn Harris is the nose behind Miller Harris perfumes. Lyn has been working in the fragrance industry for 14 years and founded Miller Harris in 2000. She spent 5 years training in France. It was while she was in Grasse that Lyn learned about the rare materials that form the souls of her scent portfolio today. Completing a very strict and detailed training has established Lyn Harris as one of the few classically trained noses in Britain.

Geranium Bourbon, listed notes:
Deep and rosy, a blend of cassis berries, lemon geranium and Turkish Rose – the scents of an English garden after the rain.

This is what I smell: Lightly rosy, not deep or heavy, with sheer fuzzy lemony scented geranium leaves, tomato plant and subtle grasses and savory herbs. About five years ago, I went on a scented geranium frenzy. I had about 20 different geranium plants in clay pots in a sunny room. If you don't already know, scented geranium plants come in an astounding variety of scents and beautifully different flowers and leaf shapes/textures. My scented geranium room was such a joy, it was peaceful and smelled wonderfully and the plants are so easy to grow and flower. When not in bloom scented geraniums are still pretty because they have interesting leaf shapes and textures and come in a variety of green & gray hues and patterns. I recall having lemon, rose, nutmeg, chocolate, bergamot, strawberry, tobacco, lavender and mint.

Miller Harris Geranium Bourbon beautifully captures the smell of a lemony-rose scented geranium, fuzzy leaves and green bits, too. I find it both green and floral but it is certainly a light floral scent. The rosy quality is quite fresh and natural. It has excellent lasting power - I applied in the morning before leaving for the office and definitely smelled it until mid-afternoon. It is a light scent so I applied it generously, approximately 8 spritzes in various spots and on my clothing. I think it's a fabulous summer scent, especially if you live in a hot, humid climate and want to wear something fresh yet floral and feminine, too.

Miller Harris perfumes have lovely packaging, which are rather charming and "British" but I'm a fan of everything British. I'm smitten with the bottles ~and~ boxes. I can't bear to part with the boxes so I store the bottle in the box most of the time.

Price: $140 for 100 ML bottle

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