Tuesday, September 29, 2009

LUSH Vanillary

Perhaps not a fragrance choice for the majority of our dear readers but I've been craving vanilla the past few weeks so I ordered Lush's Vanillary (liquid not solid). I expected something akin to cake, cookies and dessert but instead found a sweet vanillic floral - strikingly similar to the over the top vanilla of L'Artisan Vanilia. Lush's Vanillary is a jasmine-lily-vanilla and if you're a fan of L'Artisan Vanilia, and are aware of it's discontinuation, you might want to give this a go. I also notice threads of similarity with Hermes Vanille Galante (gasp) - must be the lily and slight woody notes.

Vanillary is, of course, sweet, but no sweeter than L'Artisan or Serge Luten's Un Bois Vanille. It certainly has better longevity and sillage than either of these illustrious perfume houses. It's really quite pleasant and a steal for $42. It's housed in an ugly little bottle but everything is relatively ugly and basic from Lush.

Sometimes I enjoy perfume reviews that wax poetic and sometimes I tire of all the puffed up words and just want to know what a fragrance smells like. Lush's Vanillary smells great. It's the sort of fragrance which will receive oodles of compliments.


Anonymous said...

Interesting, I have recently been searching for a pure vanilla with major sillage. I will have to smell this soon;-) What is, in your opinion the best vanilla out there?

Tania said...

Yes, I like this one, too. It's not too sweet, and I enjoy the sandalwood in the base, which smells like the real deal to me.

What shape bottle did you get? The one in the photo was the mail-order bottle. Now that Vanillary is in Lush shops, it's a rectangular bottle.

+ Q Perfume said...

I would love a vanilla salty fragrance, any ideas?


ScentScelf said...

Hey, sometimes we want a complex palate teasing culinary frippery...sometimes a PBJ is just the thing. :)

Abigail said...

My personal favorite vanilla is Guerlain Spiritueuse Double Vanille. It's boozy and like natural vanilla extract. Not like a dessert but like real vanilla beans.

Tania, my bottle is the one in the photo - the triangular one.

+Q, many have described Lush Vanillary as being salty. I don't notice the saltiness myself but it's a common perception so it must be there! There's an amber fragrance that I find salty called becker eshaya golden amber. I like the salty quality of it a lot. It's a sweet amber that's so easy to wear and right for any occasion, season and circumstance!

Yep, I'm in a PB&J mood the past week. Which means I'll invariably switch to caviar cravings next week~! :)

Acaislim said...

I would love a vanilla salty fragrance, any ideas?

junaduft said...

Who would have thought? I didn't know that Lush was in the perfume business.

Nice find, Abigail.

pitbull friend said...

For salty vanilla, my latest fave has been Lolita Lempicka Fleur de Corail. I know some folks have mentioned a salty note to some of her others, but I can vouch for this one.

Anonymous said...

Just got mine in the mail, very small bottle. But, the fragrance is really good, I caught whiffs of it all night and said Mmmm over and over. May have to buy two next time since shipping time was painfully long.

And BTW, where and the hell have you two gone? More than a week without a post? Not like you! We miss you!!

pinkfizzy said...

Brian and Abigail, are you away or are you just bored with perfume, as mentioned in Brian's September 6th post? I miss you both! This is my favorite perfume blog, and I read them all!

I get fed up with all the boring new releases, but as with books, movies etc, "ninety percent of everything is crud" (Sturgeon's Second Law).

Abigail said...

Carly & Pinkfizzy,

It's cute that you're wondering where we went!

Brian is working on an exciting 24/7 project probably until next week or so.

I'm moving across the country - from NJ to Santa Fe, NM - currently in Louisiana.

One observation: On the main streets and back roads of America there is very little perfume. Good thing I packed 22 10 ml decants of my favorites! :-) Today I'm wearing PdE Ambre Russe on a reasonably cool day in New Orleans.

xo A

pinkfizzy said...

Glad to hear you'll be back! Good luck with the move Abigail, and good luck to Brian on his project!

CagneyFan said...

Hey, Abigail. When you were in N.O., you were near my neck of the woods! I hope your move will go smoothly. For me, moving is like being in the middle of insanity. I hope it's not like that for you. Good luck! And stay safe.