Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sonoma Scent Studio To Dream

This is the first time I’m breaking my rule of always spraying from the bottle and wearing a perfume 2-3 days before writing a review. Full disclosure: I’ve only sampled SSS To Dream from a dauber vial but I have worn it for 2 days and I’m blown away by it. I’m in lust for To Dream and cannot wait for my bottle to arrive, which, of course, is already on order and in transit!

Ms. Erikson, perfumer behind Sonoma Scent Studio, sent me a sample of To Dream on a whim, thinking I might not like it, because it’s similar in structure with her existing fragrance called Lieu de Reves. I am enamored with virtually all fragrances from SSS but Lieu de Reves and a few of her musks just never resonated with me. I sampled To Dream, in a way, just to be polite.

Wow!! The word ‘Wow’ is all I could think initially. To Dream (TD) is built like a classic rose/violet/aldehyde fragrance. One of my absolute favorites in this genre is Bond No. 9 Broadway Nite as well as Frederic Malle Lipstick Rose. Yves Saint Laurent Paris is also a famous rose/violet scent but Paris, as much as I love the high school memories it conjures, is like nails on a chalkboard for me. Bond’s Broadway Nite and FM Lipstick rose are two of my ultimate rose/violet glamor puss scents. In fact, I don’t often receive compliments on the fragrance I’m wearing, but I always, I mean it’s uncanny, but I always receive a compliment from someone when I wear Broadway Nite. Erickson’s To Dream gives homage to these sorts of glamor puss rose/violet scents but with the SSS trademark woody incense dry down.

Similar to the advice American Idol judges give contestants each year; if you’re going to take on a famous song or artist, someone incredibly original and iconic, like Aretha Franklin, Elton John, Michael Jackson or Whitney Houston, you must change it up a bit and make it your own. I was thinking about this analogy with Erickson’s To Dream, about how rose/violet fragrances are classics and many of the best one’s are quite well known. To create another rose/violet fragrance and make it sing, make it worthy enough to add to an existing collection which may contain several rose/violet scents already, Erickson would have to make it different, unique and phenomenal in its own right. To Dream is just that; it’s a glamorous rose/violet fragrance infused with the Erickson/SSS magic.

To Dream starts off as an obvious rose/violet aldehyde. After five minutes the aldehydic quality diminishes and a delectable rose/violet/mossy/woody scent emerges. To Dream is potent but it’s not loud. While not a gourmand there is still a delicious sensation here, I feel the urge to lick my wrists. The thing I love about rose/violet scents is that you really don’t have to like the notes of either rose or violet because the combination is something different entirely. I don’t know exactly why, but it’s these sorts of scents, these rose/violet aldehydes, like Bond’s Broadway Nite or FM’s Lipstick Rose that make me think of glamorous old movie stars and red lipstick. To Dream takes the standard rose/violet scent and anchors it with a gorgeous woody base and a dab of incense. Instead of keeping To Dream light and mostly floral, Erickson gave it a deeper base, like an iconic glamor puss with a sultry husky voice.

Erickson strikes again, she has created yet another masterpiece with To Dream.

Notes: Violet, rose, heliotrope, cedar, amber, frankincense, oakwood absolute, vetiver, tonka, orris, vanilla, musk, sandalwood, oakmoss, subtle suede, cocoa, and aldehydes


taffynfontana said...

OH this sounds like my dream fragrance. I love all those notes and am in a hurry to sniff it first hand. Thanks for a great review

Abigail said...

Honestly, it's beyond dreamy. I just emptied the remainder of my sample vial on my arm and am LOVING the aroma.

Tania said...

Whoa - I like the sound of this! Old-movie star glamour... yum.

I never met an SSS I didn't at least like, and I luuurrrvvveee many of them.
I entered Laurie's draw for a sample, now I'm crossing my fingers!

Dionne said...

Fantastic review! Like you, I'm a huge fan of Laurie's line, but Lieu de Reves and Cameo were the two that didn't work as well on me. I am REALLY looking forward to trying this new fragrance.

Tamara*J said...

Fantastic review!
Laurie is a wonderful person and awesome talent. I will be buying To Dream, Velvet Rose and Wood Violet next week. I adore her Voile de Violette and miss Opal like crazy.
To Dream will be my very first rose/violet perfume and I am happy about that because it is perfect.


MelissaJane said...

I helped Laurie test this one. When I wore one of the mods, my husband said, "Whatever that is, buy a gallon of it"! I couldn't wear Reves, and I warned Laurie about that when I first started testing. I told her violets and I don't usually go together. This new scent made a liar out of me!

Anonymous said...

I did not care much for Broadway Nite - too neon for me! - or Lipstick Rose - too Virtual Makeup - but I usually do well with rose and violet (Paris, either YSL or the vintage Coty Paris, Citizen Queen, Putain de Palaces...).

This is just another reason for me to go and snag a sample. Thanks!

Abigail said...

I'm so happy others love To Dream also! I really think this will be a big seller for SSS ~ it's phenomenal.

I love everything you listed. Have you also tried Vintage Rose (as opposed to Velvet Rose)? Vintage Rose from SSS and American Beauty from DSH are the two best roses in the world (according to moi :).

Cheryl G. said...

Ordered it, got it, LOVE IT!

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