Friday, November 28, 2008

TWRT 11.28.08 (This Week’s Random Thoughts)

Unless I’m wearing an oriental or a chypre I feel as if I’m not wearing “real perfume.”

I heard on NPR that the supposed fatigue caused by tryptophan is a myth. According to NPR any large meal causes fatigue and tryptophan doesn’t induce a greater degree of sleepiness than anything else.

Givenchy Organza Indecence was the perfect scent for Thanksgiving week. (Yes, I’m still wearing one perfume from Monday through Friday as part of my “more monogamous experiment” and continuing to enjoy it).

I’ve never taken part in Black Friday shopping. I don’t do crowds.

For the most part I pooh-pooh everything at Bath & Body Works but my local B&BW was having a big sale last week and I purchased a bunch of shower gels. I’m pleasantly surprised with Sensual Amber and Brown Sugar & Fig shower gels.

I love Shalimar and have noticed it seems to be one of the least revered Guerlain’s – at least by the perfumista community.

The season finale of True Blood was somewhat disappointing. I’ll be upset if Lafayette is gone for good. But I’m hooked and will watch next season for sure.

Chantecaille liptstick in Nymphea and Cardamon are my new favorites. NARS still holds first place for eye make-up (by a mile).

I cannot wait for Big Love to begin again.

I’m reading Running with Scissors and it’s quite funny.

One of my paphiopedilum orchids is in bloom and it makes me happy every time I look at it.

I have yet to buy one of those really expensive candles – like Diptyque. I just can’t imagine spending so much on something I burn. But don’t think for a second that I don’t want about a dozen of them. I’ve been surviving on candles from Target – fairly happily.

Roger & Gallet Lettuce soap is lovely. Better for summertime, but lovely nonetheless.

I’m becoming impatient for Guerlain Insolence Eau de Parfum (not in the States yet) as well as The Different Company Sublime Balkiss (same deal). And I’m already anxiously anticipating the new Serge Lutens for 2009 called (I think this is true) Nuit de Cellophane which is supposed to be an osmanthus based floral. (Yippeee, not another cinnamon-stewed-fruits concoction).

I had a BeautyHabit purchase shipped to my office, which arrived on Wednesday, after I had already left for Thanksgiving, so now I must wait until Monday to sniff these purchases (Well, at least one reason to look forward to Monday!).


Julie H. Rose said...

Long time no "hi"! I was going to argue about the efficacy of tryptophan but after I read the Wikipedia entry, it appears that NPR is right! They always are, aren't they?

I wore Safran Troublant for T-day and it went well very well with the meal.

Now, is SL's cellophane scent another myth?


Lyvvie said...

You must be my Scent twin. I'm currently trying to find some Chanel Cuir de Russie and read your post from August with great enjoyment.

Regarding Shalimar, I think the reason it's not in the full blown mainstream is that it's been around since 1925 and every woman can think of at least one aged female relative who swore by it. I fear it's fallen into the category of "Old Lady" perfume (I have two aunts who used to fight over who got to wear it to family get togethers. The Texas aunt always settled for Chloe). I agree, it's a damned shame. For a scent that has such a simple formula to be so amazing is a shame it's not given its true place in the tops.

I'll have to look into Lutens' Cellophane. That sounds weird and fun.

Tania said...

Well, if the show sticks to the books, then sadly yes, Lafayette is no more... :-( But so far, they have taken some big liberties with the book plot, so perhaps we can hope. I would miss him, too!

I wore Shalimar in my 20's - when I was probably too young for it! Now, I feel like trying it again. But I have a thing about having Guerlains in perfume form, and that's not so easy to find.

Abigail said...

Hi Julie,
It's been ages! I hope you're doing well. Have you already had snow up in your neck of the woods?

Yes, NPR is always right - never underestimate NPR ;-)

Safran Troublant is a lovely one.

I hope SL's Cellophane Nuit isn't a myth - I love osmanthus and am looking forward to it.

Abigail said...

Hi Lyvvie,

I'm actually considering trying Shalimar Light - just to have another option during warmer weather. Have you tried it? I know, it seems sortof wrong, doesn't it?

Abigail said...

Hi Tania,

Oh, No, I seriously hope that True Blood doesn't stick to the book with regard to Lafayette...

I have yet to own a pure parfum from Guerlain...I imagine I'd want to drink Shalimar pure parfum...