Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ava Luxe Mousse de Chine: A Review

Mousse de Chine is a delightfully wispy chypre from Ava Luxe. That is, if Mousse de Chine technically is a chypre at all. In my book chypres open with some aldehydes and dry down to a deep, oftentimes heavy, base containing oakmoss and/or patchouli. Mousse de Chine does not appear to contain aldehydes but oakmoss, labdanum, ambergris and musk are among the list of notes.

Chypre or not, Mousse de Chine is a lovely fragrance. It opens with a bergamot, citrus, soapy accord that is refreshing, clean and jubilant. Then it settles into a slightly powdery, musky, mossy aroma. I expected Mousse de Chine to be much heavier and I’m pleasantly surprised at its delicate composition. Likely it’s because I know lavender is among the notes but I do detect an herbal aroma that makes me take deep meditative sniffs of it. Mousse de Chine is yet another fragrance from Ava Luxe that I really enjoy.

Longevity: Excellent ~ 4-5 hours or more
Sillage: Soft to Average

Notes: bergamot, lime, fern, lavender, amber, Spanish moss, oakmoss, labdanum, musk, ambergris.

Mousse de Chine can be purchased from the Ava Luxe Website

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Cat Fish said...

A lovely pic isn'tt it? I also used it on my blog.

Moss/Mousse de Chine is a true gem, nice review.