Friday, October 10, 2008

CB I Hate Perfume: Mr Hulot's Holiday, A Review

Christopher Brosius has caught my attention.

The salon where I get my hair done carries the CB line. I was there today and with foils in my hair I covered myself in about five of CB’s perfumes trying to decide upon a new one. I already have and adore Russian Caravan Tea, Burning Leaves and Lavender Tea. I left the salon with Mr. Hulot’s Holiday.

Mr. Hulot's Holiday is described as the smell of the Mediterranean while on vacation (as in the movie of the same name). It’s supposed to smells of salt water, seaweed, driftwood, and the old leather suitcase you brought with you. I smell everything except the leather suitcase. It seems that no one, including me, likes aquatic scents. I think it’s the salt that allows me to like this aquatic. It seems like there’s a bit of ocean spray wafting up from my wrists right now. And, yes, there really is a seaweedy quality as well as a soft, in the background, driftwood note.

Here’s my dilemma (because I tend to over think these things)… If I hadn’t read the story and didn’t know what I was ‘supposed’ to be smelling what would this smell like? This is why my wrist was stuck in my friend’s face about an hour ago. His response, “rubber and baby powder.”

Well, the thing is, I already knew what Mr. Hulot’s was supposed to smell like so the salt note seems particularly striking to me. It’s a soft, contemplative fragrance and I like it immensely.

Longevity: average, about 3 hours
Sillage: soft to none.

The concentration I have is perfume absolute/oil as opposed to edt/water. The absolute is not thick like typical fragrance oil but instead more like a slightly thick edp. It’s not oily and blends into the skin quickly and without any greasy sheen.

CB I Hate Perfume website

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