Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Here comes Trouble

Boucheron, Trouble: A Review

Continuing my quest to wear some forgotten gems, I came home tonight and changed into Trouble by Boucheron. Trouble was created by Jacques Cavallier, who also gave us Alexander McQueen’s Kingdom, Stella McCartney Stella and one of my favorites, Yves Saint Laurent Nu (among many others).

First off, I love the bottle. The top is a gold coiled snake and the base is hunky square-ish glass the color of blood. The base reminds me a little of Ralph Lauren Romance.

Trouble is marketed as an oriental and I’d say it’s a diet oriental gourmand. It reminds me of all sorts of other fragrances – there’s a strong similarity with Dior’s Hypnotic Poison; it’s a bit like Jean Paul Gaultier’s Classique and there are definitely elements of Dior’s Addict. As much as I like Hypnotic Poison, I’d wear Trouble over it any day. Hynotic Poison is sweeter and has a plasticy quality that bothers me after awhile. Trouble is just a smidgen less sweet and it’s devoid of that plastic note. Like Addict, Trouble contains a strong vanillic base, but it’s more discreet with more woods, amber and citrus percolating through the vanilla.

Trouble begins with lemon. For the first 5-10 minutes, Trouble is a sweet vanilla-lemon-candy aroma. Once Trouble dries down it becomes a decidedly comfy fragrance. It's essentially a lovely blend of vanilla, amber, soft woods and citrus. I know it’s supposed to be a femme fatale, sexy, sultry scent, but the truth is it’s much more like a pretty gal all cozy in plaid flannel pj’s with her hair in pigtails and a mischievous look in her eyes than a femme fatale. I’ve read that there are some that think it’s boring and ordinary. Trouble isn’t groundbreaking but it’s really quite good. It’s the sort of scent that will undoubtedly be complimented. It is not overly anything – not too sweet, not too heavy, and not cloying – it’s just right.

Foxglove (digitalis) is among the list of notes and I can’t help but think it’s there because foxglove is highly poisonous (remember the name…this stuff is trouble!).

Trouble can be had for cheap; it’s $37.81 at today.

Longevity: Excellent – 5+ hours
Sillage: Average

Trouble’s notes: lemon, foxglove (aka digitalis), Sambac jasmine, amber, blue cedar, and vanilla

I think I’ll wear Trouble tomorrow, too.


Divina said...

Hey Abigail! I was quite underwhelmed by Trouble originally and the lemon note put me off a bit too I must admit (it smelled too candied for my liking and it seemed to last quite a looong time..) but I realize that it is a good perfume to have in one's wardrobe of scents, both versatile and comforting - it's good to have around if you like it. It is definitely one of the better Boucheron scents out there, I think.

Abigail said...

I realized this morning that Trouble has some serious longevity - it was even more potent this morning than it was last night.

It is a nice smell to have around. It's one of those mainstream scents that just about everyone will compliment. And I do find it easier to wear than the others I compared it with (Hypnotic Poison, JPG Classique & Dior Addict).

Aimée L'Ondée said...

Hm, I've been curious about this one. Thanks for the review! I got a sample of Hypnotic Poison recently because I just could. not. accept. that I don't like it. Guess what? Don't like it. I think you're right about the plasticky quality. Should try Boucheron next!

Abigail said...

for several years I convinced myself that I loved Hypnotic Poison. I need to admit that I don't like it and can't wear it. Pfew! That's off my chest now.

Trouble is my alternative to HP. Trouble is another one of those that you need to apply sparingly...I think it's the citrus note that makes it less cloying and more interesting than HP.