Thursday, March 26, 2009

Guerlain Iris Ganache

Please accept my deepest apologies but I really love this stuff. If the idea of cool iris mixed with creamy & powdery dough turns your stomach then perhaps you should stop reading here.

Guerlain Iris Ganache is strangely intoxicating and delicious. Osmoz describes Iris Ganache perfectly as: “iris butter worked like a pastry ganache.” For me it’s addictive, particularly because of its duality. I love the unusual blend of chilly iris with creamy and sweet notes. I need to take a step back here and say that I don’t find Iris Ganache particularly gourmand in nature. It is sweet, but not overly so, and I don’t actually smell the foody notes per se. I find myself huffing my wrists when I wear it.

The iris note emerges for me mostly in the beginning. At the start, Iris Ganache is a gorgeously sweet powdery scent with a cool river of iris flowing through it. This stage is entrancing and I wish it stayed throughout. After about 20 minutes the iris note changes from a rooty-vegetal floral into a doughy, gummy, marzipan coated aroma. It becomes less about iris and smells more like vanillic heliotrope. I think Iris Ganache definitely pays tribute to both L’Heure Bleue and Apres L’Ondee with the same soft, powdery floral qualities. The iris note never completely vanishes because the memory of it remains for me.

Iris Ganache smells very Guerlain; it’s very creamy and highly addictive.

Notes: Iris, vanilla, cinnamon, bergamot, patchouli, white musks, cedar


Karin said...

This one doesn't work for me at all. I've had to find something to layer it with. I have half a bottle I'm willing to part with, in whole or in part, at just the cost per oz. (I've sold some decants.)

kathleen said...

Abigail, I knew this was your post as soon as I saw the positive review of Iris Ganache. We seem to enjoy many of the same frags. I luv IG. It has an addictive quality to it, in the same way as SL Tubereuse Criminelle does for me. Just the mention of it, makes me want to spritz.

Abigail said...

That's why I apologized at the beginning - I knew this was a love or hate scent!

I LOVE IG! When I first tried it I was rather shocked at the oddness of it. But now I embrace that oddness. ;-) I've read other reviews that say it's fleeting - not on me! IG lasts all day, all night and into the next morning! (yay!).

Karin said...

Yes, this is the scent that never quits on me, LOL!

Who wants the rest of my bottle!

I can wear it if I layer it with Guerlain L'Instant for men.

kathleen said...

Hi Karin,

If Abigail didn't claim it, email me at, with details. Thanks

Joe said...

I haven't read about this in awhile and it seems it rarely gets mentioned. The way you describe it as doughy makes me envision Bois Farine layered with an iris scent -- which actually sounds like it could be pretty delicious. My be-all, end-all iris is Bois d'Iris, but I definitely need to explore some others. Nice review.

Abigail said...

I could be mistaken but I think Iris Ganache is pretty universally panned on most of the perfume blogs. It seems anything sweet or gourmandish isn't 'cool' these days ;-)

The thing is - Iris Ganache really isn't too sweet or even particularly gourmand and it's downright addictive. If someone made me do a blind sniffing I'd know it was Guerlain right away - it is a signature Guerlain fragrance.

You are exactly right! I wish I had thought of Bois Farine before writing the review because IR *is* a bit like Bois Farine layered with iris but also with a good helping of sweetness. I love Bois Farine and especially because it isn't sweet. Imagine Bois Farine + Iris + Marzipan -- that should give you a closer idea. Do come back and tell us if you sample it...

Karin said...

I would definitely recommend sniffing it first. (I didn't.) I love Guerlain, etc. I wear a LOT of Guerlain, but this is not my cuppa.

I think this is one that must work with one's chemistry or not.

Karin said...

ps I do like Bois Farine and can wear it.