Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mitsouko & Me

Every so often you have to put up with my ramblings. Today I wore Mitsouko edp so I was thinking about it on and off all day. I love Mitsouko, but, as much as I love it, I’ve frequently wondered why it’s so revered by perfumistas. Maybe I will answer my own question by writing about my relationship with Mitsouko.

I wear Mitsouko when I don’t have time to think about what I’d like to wear. Mitsouko is a “go to” fragrance for me. It works for nearly any occasion. In a way, it’s that perfect little black dress – which is effortless and classic, garners compliments and you know you look good in it. I do not swoon when I smell Mitsouko. I love the aroma, I really do, but I don’t swoon. I’d say that I enjoy Misouko, I appreciate it, I feel completely comfortable in it, I will always have a bottle, but I do not swoon.

In a way, Mitsouko works for me as a practical fragrance. Mitsouko is practical as opposed to fussy; handsome, with good bone structure as opposed to gorgeous or stunning. Mitsouko seems humble; she seems like the offspring from a loving family with old money as opposed to the offspring of the flashy nouveau riche with multiple nannies. Mitsouko is not an ultra luxurious car, she is more like a high end Honda – she runs beautifully, smoothly, she’s dependable; she’s probably a conservative silver or black. Oh, but she definitely has heated leather seats.

Mitsouko is the standard. I guess that’s the big deal. I might not swoon, but I can’t think of any other perfume which hits all the same notes as Mitsouko. I’ll be happily married to Mitsouko for the rest of my life. Like all good marriages, I suppose I need to tell her that I love her and appreciate her every so often.

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