Friday, May 15, 2009

TWRT 5.15.09

This Week's Random Thoughts ~

I have officially managed to dive into my spring/summer scents. Every year I make this switch kicking and screaming because my heart belongs to heavy chypres and orientals that are best worn in cold weather. But once the weather turns hot and muggy I just have to change gears. And, for the first 6-8 weeks, I love it. I’ll start complaining about being tired of fresh-light-scents by mid-July for sure. By August I’ll be cravvvving woods and orientals but the weather will stay nearly tropical here until at least mid-September. One chypre I can wear this time of year is Y by YSL. Thank goodness for Y. Oh, and lest I forget, another nice chypre for summer is Ava Luxe Mousse de Chine.

This week has been all about osmanthus for me. I’ve rotated 3 osmanthus perfumes every single day – Ormonde Jayne Osmanthus, Keiko Mecheri Osmanthus and Parfum d’Empire Osmanthus Interdite (some days wearing all 3 at once for comparison). No, I don’t have Hermes Osmanthus Yunann (yet).

I answered the door for the UPS delivery guy (box of perfume of course!) and was wearing Annick Goutal Folavril. The UPS guy said “you smell so good, what is that?!” Like he really meant it – he just needed to know. So I told him the name, and got a blank stare. I said it was supposed to smell a bit like a tomato plant. He said “It doesn’t smell like that, but it smells really really good!”

The Office: The Michael/Holly angst is tearing at my heart strings. I want Holly back.

Luca Turin calls mimosa an “unsophisticated flower” in Perfumes: The Guide. I wonder what makes a flower sophisticated? Do flowers have good lineage, charm, grace and intellect that I’m unaware of?

I found out my HG mimosa scent, Parfums de Nicolaï Mimosaique, is discontinued. Thankfully I was able to order a few bottles directly from PdN boutique in Paris (pffew!).

For the first time in my life, I dropped a full bottle of perfume and it smashed to smithereens on the kitchen tile. It was good that I ended up liking the scent, because my kitchen and foyer ended up smelling like it for days. It was Penhaligon’s Violetta, which is a darn good violet solifore; a fresh, green and masculine leaning violet.

Beverage of the week: raspberry iced tea, with lemonade ice cubes and sprigs of fresh mint. Which reminds me; I used to love Snapple’s Mint iced tea, until I realized how many calories were in those bottles. I don’t believe Snapple ever produced a diet Mint tea, but I doubt I would have liked it. Oftentimes “diet” just doesn’t work for beverages other than soda. I need to figure out how to make my own version of Snapple’s Mint iced tea, perhaps using Splenda, which I like.

I received the sampler pack from Parfums MDCI on Monday. My package arrived within 7 business days and the samples are really huge – I’d guess 10-15 ml. I’m planning to spend time with each of them this weekend. I can’t underscore what a fantastic deal I think this is!

I’m looking forward to trying Washington Tremlett’s Clove Absolute, Tauer’s Une Rose Chypree, and Amouage Ubar – all of which are on their way to me (samples, not full bottles, I’m not that out of control).

I’m so impressed with Parfum d’Empire. I think they are my favorite line this week.

Luckyscent seems to be taking over the perfume world. They have added so many new lines lately. I’m glad the economy doesn’t seem to be impacting niche perfumes.

Either Rochas Tocade has been dreadfully reformulated or it’s always smelled like Pink Sugar and I didn’t realize it. I got a new bottle from the Parfum1 sale and thought it was horrible when I smelled it. Its verrrry sweet and like a cotton candy vanilla – all traces of rose are gone.

Sandwich of the week: Proscuitto with fresh mozzarella and fig jam. Mm, mm, good.


Joe said...

Are you me? Much of this post parallels my "perfume life" lately.

Received my MDCI sample set yesterday, and you're right, it's one of the greatest deals out there. I'll be curious to see what you think of them. I've been pacing myself instead of putting dabs of all 5 up and down my arms immediately.

Last Saturday I got a packet of samples from LS that included Clove Absolute and Ubar. Boy did the Clove disappoint me, but I might gladly accept a decant when cold weather rolls around again. Ubar is a lovely scent, but certainly not me.

Folavril has been on my to-sample list for several months now. Love mango. Love tomato leaf.

I had an osmanthus moment last night when sampling some Nuit de Cellophane that I just received. It was nicer than the lukewarm blogosphere reception led me to believe.

Glad you like Ava Luxe Mousse de Chine (gah! I've been incorrectly assuming for awhile that it was Mousse de Chêne; when I bought it it was plain ol' "Moss"). To me it's quite a powerhouse, but I could see you feeling it can be pulled off in summer heat.

Tea: If you can find a purveyor of the "Honest Tea" brand near you, the Moroccan Mint (barely sweetened) is really good; I wish I could find a place that carries their 64oz bottles.

Enjoy your weekend (and that sandwich sounds terrific).

EileenS said...

Thanks for pointing out Y and Mousse de Chine -- I'm transitioning, too, and at a bit of a loss. I'll have to test these out. IIRC, it was you who pointed me towards Oliban as an incense for spring, and you were right! You're building a track record here :-)

On the clove end of things, I just got Serge Noire, and it is a very pleasant wearable clove-patchouli on me in this warm weather. It may not make it all the way through the summer heat, but it is enjoyable now.

Ines said...

The story about the postman had me laughing, beacuse that seems to happen to me a lot. Sometimes I feel like I'm living in a parallel universe: What is that nice smell you're wearing? L'Artisan parfumeur Premier figuier - Never heards, but it smells terrific. You smell nice today, what is that? - SL Fleurs d'oranger. - Huh?!

Abigail said...


Didn't you know, we are the same person, just in a different space/time continuum. (Star Trek? If you're a trekkie too it's even more uncanny).

re: MDCI this weekend I wore Coeur en Mai and it is similar to Chamade yet more gentle. Already knew I loved Enlevement and that's as far as I've gotten so far.

Nuit de Cellophane is beautiful - there's no doubt - I just think that a new offering from Mr. Serge with a mysterious name such as "night" and "cellophane" (hmmmm) had most everyone expecting something a lot more edgy. NdC turns out to be quite simply beautiful. Only in our crazy fragrance obsessed circle can simply beautiful be a drag.

Thanks so much for the rec for Honest Tea! The Whole Foods down the street from me carries it so now I must get some :-)

So happy you liked Oliban - now I feel the pressure ;-)

Isn't it the most ridiculous quandary - when a person asks you what your wearing and it's a mouthful like Comme des Garcons Ouarzazate??! I usually want to reply "it's perfume!"