Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Favorite CREED

Perhaps in the normal world, Creed is considered a fantastic perfume house. But in our world of perfume fanatics, Creed seems considered a mediocre house at best.

My experience with Creed has been good. I’ve sniffed bottle after bottle at Neiman Marcus, decided there are a few that I really like, and I’m happy with those that I have and love. Once I thought I was smitten with Love in White. I purchased it, then brought the bottle home to find that I detested the stuff – it made me want to crawl out of my skin. Thank goodness Neiman’s has an excellent return policy because I was able to exchange it for another perfume the next day. Pfffew! Love in Black is one of my favorites. For Creed, Love in Black is edgy, and I enjoy the sweet tarry violets with excellent sillage and longevity. In the late 90’s I wore Fleurissimo quite a bit. Almost to the point of it being my signature scent for about 1-2 years. For my husband, I’ve bought Green Irish Tweed, Tabarome and Neroli Sauvage and I think all three are excellent masculines, with Tabarome and Neroli Sauvage being easily unisex. I also have Fleurs de Bulgarie, which is nice, but not especially amazing. I had intended to buy Fleurs de The ROSE Bulgare but made a mistake. Rose de Bulgare is on my wish list at the moment.

The Creed that won my heart and made me have good feelings toward the house of Creed is Tubereuse Indiana. I know, it’s a strange name. The state of Indiana? I don’t think so. I think Creed is referring to India where the tuberose was harvested or at least where loads of tuberose is grown. I’m a tuberose lover – I can pretty much enjoy almost any tuberose soliflore – and usually a floriental that’s heavy on tuberose is my kinda scent. The thing about Tubereuse Indiana is that it hardly smells like tuberose at all.

According to Creed, Tubereuse Indiana contains the highest quality tuberose on a bed of ambergris and musk. Maybe it’s the blend of tuberose, ambergris and musk causing the scent to smell like a different flower and not tuberose at all. I think Tubereuse Indiana smells mostly like carnation. It’s a gorgeous, fluffy, somewhat powdery (in texture, not smell) fragrance. I absolutely adore Tubereuse Indiana. It reminds me of Caron’s Bellodgia. I compared Bellodgia and Tubereuse Indiana side by side to find that they are similar but when I do this it makes me smell the hint of tuberose in TI – it makes the tuberose more obvious and it shows that TI has more complexity.

Tubereuse Indiana is categorized as an oriental. It’s a very light and sweet oriental with it’s base being ambergris, musk and most likely some vanilla, sandalwood and amber. For me, carnation is the most prominent floral note but if I really think about deciphering notes I can also detect rose and gardenia. I find Tubereuse Indiana absolutely sublime and it works in any season. I can imagine someone who doesn’t like tuberose enjoying Tubereuse Indiana, because it doesn’t have any of the characteristics of most tuberose-heavy scents. There is nothing ‘in your face’ about Tubereuse Indiana, it’s delicate, fluffy, dreamy and refined.

Sillage is good and the longevity is also good. I find it lasts on me for at least 4 hours.


kjanicki said...

I love Love in Black when it's chilly and rainy. It makes me think of a dark forest. But the Creed I wear most is Virgin Island Water. It's my silly happy summer fragrance. It makes me smile, it makes me feel like I'm on vacation. I want to Jump up and dance to Put Da Lime In Da coconut. And when my husband wears it I just want to eat him up.

Tania said...

I did the exact same thing with Love in White - except I couldn't change it because I'd opened it... :-( So if I ever get around to swapping with people, it's on that list!
I haven't tried Love in Black. I do have Neroli Sauvage, which I like, and a sample of TI, which I agree is very nice. But then I also have Zeste Mandarine Pamplemousse, which I think is appalling in that it lasts about three seconds and has no discernable development.
For me, Creed as a house is best described as variable. I think they are way overpriced, too.

Marko said...

Original Santal is the only Creed I own, and honestly, I haven't been THAT impressed with the line (you nailed it right on the head..."But in our world of perfume fanatics, Creed seems considered a mediocre house at best").

But I MUST (note all caps) get a hold of some Love In Black. Both you and Brian speak so highly of the fragrance.....and violets are my new crush.

TI sounds great - I will make a mental note to try it next time I'm at Neiman's......I always say a man can never have enough Tuberose.

Tammy said...

You had to go and mention carnation, and it's not the first time I've heard it mentioned with this fragrance and Creed works well on my skin.....but I realy dislike tuberose. I mean, really.

I wonder if I dare? A sample won't kill me, after all!

Abigail said...


Tubereuse Indiana is so far from being a typical tuberose that I would say you could definitely like it. If you like carnation there's a strong possibility you'll like this.

Give it a try!
-- The Enabler


Put Da Lime in Da Coconut :0)!