Monday, February 1, 2010

Annick Goutal Songes: A Classic

This is Day 2 in my week-long tribute to Annick Goutal

Annick Goutal Songes is perhaps the sultriest, sweetest, straight-up diva of all the Annick Goutal fragrances. Songes is a heady white floral with prominent notes of frangipani, tiare, ylang-ylang and jasmine. Yet it also has woods and dryness in its base, tempering a potentially over-the-top floral. Essentially, Songes is a classy exotic island scent.

A fairly recent review of Songes on Grain de Musc put me back in touch with it and the realization that it’s one of my favorite fragrances. Denyse really nails it with the idea of Annick Goutal fragrances falling into three categories, the “mama," “papa," and “daughter” scents. I love the idea of Songes being the hip-swaying “yummy mummy.”

Songes is offered in an edt and edp and these concentrations are relatively different. The eau de toilette is all about lush white florals and it’s less sweet while the eau de parfum is a lush white floral dipped in vanilla that just about oozes sensuality. I love both concentrations but prefer the edp. I was surprised when I realized tuberose isn’t listed amongst the notes because I’ve always thought of Songes as a tuberose heavy fragrance. Songes is so creamy and thick (and I don’t mean thick as in cloying, I simply mean it’s dense, languid and almost murky, and these adjectives are meant positively). While Songes begins assertively she dries down to an easy-to-wear floral with hints of dry vanilla and some woods. If you have never sniffed Songes, my description might seem schizophrenic, by calling it dense, languid and murky yet at the same time easy-to-wear and a bit dry. This is the beauty of Annick Goutal and why I think AG is special as a perfume house - you truly have to wear Annick Goutal fragrances to understand them. I can’t think of any which can be judged from a few dabs from a sample vial. If you don’t give Songes a few big sprays and a full day’s wearing – you’d probably just think it’s a sweet white floral and miss the point entirely. Once the first 20 minutes pass, Songes is a muted floral, both exotic and demure.

Songes is an absolutely succulent potion with no rivals. I think of it as a classic up there with all the greats.

Full list of notes: frangipani, tiare, jasmine notes, incense, vanilla, copahu balm, pepper, ylang-ylang absolute, vetiver, sandalwood, amber and styrax

[I have been eyeing the above limited edition baccarat Moon bottle for years. Anyone have a spare $1,250 they wouldn’t miss?!]


em said...

Just when I'd finally decided (after months of debating) I wasn't going to get Songes... And was pleased with the fact that I was saving money. Now you've put me back on square one again... ;)

When will we get a review on Heure Exquise? I'm so curious about that one.

Abigail said...

it IS really good.
I'm undecided on whether I'll do 5 or 7 Annick Goutal posts but Heure Exquise is definitely one of them! :-)

SignatureScent said...

Haven't yet properly tried this fragrance. The thing with Annick Goutal is that the bottles look SO great, that you want to LOVE it so that you can find an excuse to buy one... Hmm, it probably shouldn't work that way round though.

Mals86 said...

That really is a stunning bottle. Not that I EVER buy something for the bottle... but I can dream a little.

Songes did not sweep me off my feet, although I liked it very much. It is very smoothly blended, and dreamily tropical.

kathleen said...

LOL, I, literally, dabbed this scent, for the 1st time, right before I sat down to read the blogs. I love this. Is it possible that I'm getting a touch of cumin?

em said...

Abigail, do 7(after all a week has seven days in it...)! I have a thing for Annick Goutal even though I've only tried three of hers. Songes, Sables and Ambre Fétiche, love/like them all!

StyleSpy said...

Note to self: march on up to Neiman Marcus with a sample vial tucked into my pocket...

Martha said...

Huh. Hm. I keep thinking about this one, and then getting distracted. This one's even kinda halfway reasonably priced, isn't it? At least, in the older boring bottle.


Abigail said...

Yes, the AG Limited Edition bottles are really gorgeous. But I must say I find the regular bottles pretty lame. I like the square masculine bottles better than the feminines.

No, one should never buy a fragrance solely for the bottle. Except perhaps Shalimar ;-)

Depends on which: edt or edp - but (shhhhh, don't tell anyone) I think there is a little skank in there. Adds to that "yummy mummy" impression...

Ok, I'll do 7. Mostly because it's too difficult to choose only 5. There are so many great AGs.

oh, yes, the regular bottles are very reasonably price - even at full retail price. Plus you can find them at many online discounters and ebay. There's an excellent seller on ebay called "Andyfrog" who is reputable and his/her prices are great.

princess glee said...

I'm curious about this scent and ordered a sample because of your description, "dense, languid and almost murky." I need/like a robust fragrance otherwise it fades way too soon on me. I tried L'Hadrian and it was beautiful but still a little too fleeting. Hopefully Songes will have a bit more tenacity. I'm excited!