Friday, October 17, 2008

TWRT 10.17.08 (This Week’s Random Thoughts)

Hermes Eau des Merveilles is brilliant.

Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche is another back of the closet great.

Orchids require much less sunlight than I thought.

I dislike dealing with sales associates. I prefer to shop online.

I tried, but I just can’t watch Survivor.

Caron needs to improve their image – their boxes and bottles look like they’re going out of business.

It would be wonderful to have my car detailed.

Must remember to buy candy for Halloween.

NARS eye shadow and lipstick are the best.

Gucci Envy is my Chanel No 19.

Amber is a tricky note, it can be horrid.

Why do people pay more than retail price for perfume on ebay? (seriously, do they not know the price?!)

There will be a new Star Trek movie next summer (2009)

Last night’s The Office was great – it’s back on track.

31 Rue Cambon is exquisite.

Brian, my cell phone is dead and I can’t find the charger.

Lavender isn’t relaxing for me, it’s energizing.

I love soup.

Would the following make a nice fragrance: Rose, pepper and milk?

I've considered getting a tattoo for so many years. The indecision is making up my mind.

The more I wear Chanel Beige the more I like it. Note to self: sometimes you need to be monogamous with a perfume to really get to know it. Being a trollop and wearing three different perfumes per day can be confusing.


Divina said...

Yaaaay for NARS! :) As for tatoos, once you have them they become a part of your body like a birthmark or a mole. You just don't notice them anymore, they're part of you. When I was 17 I got a 'temporary' tatoo. It's done with plant-based ink which gets absorbed by your body in about two years. (It is however done with normal needles so it hurts like hell, imagine the movement of a sewing machine needle, up and down, up and down rapidly into your skin, that's basically it). While I had it I loved it, but I never felt motivated to refresh it or make it permanent after it disappeared. I guess I was going through a phase :P

Abigail said...

And You are my NARS fairy godmother. I love the stuff. The quality is fab and I've *never* before found an eyeshadow that doesn't crease - amazing!

I didn't know such a temporary tattoo existed...2 years you say? That's probably the perfume amount of time for me to get the tattoo bug out of my system. Where did you have this done?

Abigail said...

I just noticed I wrote the "perfume" amount instead of the "perfect" amount.

Wow, that's really telling isn't it?!!

Divina said...

LOL! Yeah, we live it and breathe it :) Re: the tattoo. I did it in Greece at a beautician's office where they also do tattoos and I am not talking about eyebrow and lipliner tattoos :P They use vegetable ink. Mine was all black (it was a bat) but a friend of mine got a huge rose on the back of her shoulder and it had beautiful reds and pinks, the colors were just as vibrant as regular ink. I am sure you can find the same technique were you live as well. :) (PS: vegetable ink not henna ink, I have no experience with those so i cannot say anything about the colors and longevity...)


Divina said...

Hmmmmm, I left and googled around a bit trying to find some link to help you with, but I come up with nothing! Even wikipedia has nothing on temporary vegetable ink tattoos. Some sights I found mention that these are falsely advertized and actually last forever or leave scarring. Strange. From personal experience I can say that mine both disappeared (completely) and left no scarring...