Friday, May 1, 2009

Current Trends in Perfumistaland

Celebrity fragrances
Notes: aquatic, melon, cumin, sweet vanilla, pink pepper, fruity florals
Gourmand fragrances
Inexpensive, easily found perfumes
Most flankers
Thierry Mugler Angel (but it’s cool to despise it)
IFRA restrictions
The fact that Luckyscent hasn’t had a discount code in ages
Chanel Les Exclusifs not available in edp concentration

L’Artisan, Le Labo
Chanel, Guerlain
Parfums MDCI
Jean Claude Ellena, Serge Lutens, Christopher Sheldrake
Notes: champaca, vetiver, iris, violet, osmanthus, woods, oud/aoud, leather, skank, dirt and aldehydes
Expensive, hard to find perfumes
Masculine scents for women and feminine scents for men

So, what did I miss?!


junaduft said...

uncool: apple
cool: fig

Charlotte Vale said...

cool: indie
...except for BPAL (uncool)

Abigail said...

poor BPAL - their ship times are too long for impatient perfumistas! :-*

fifthsensenyc said...

uncool: no Roja Dove in the USA, no Ormomde Jayne in the USA, no SL Silver Iris Mist in USA. SL new 'faux' bois de feminitie

SAs' who judge you by your outfit or ethnic background.

wearing fragrance that is cool on someone else

COOL: eau de colognes in the European tradition, Verno Kern, Dawn Spencer Hurwitz, Absolutement's perfumer kit and the two nicest men in Perfumeland, Michel Roudnitska and Andy Tauer.

1872 for Men Clive Christian, Anne Pliska

wearing fragrance that is 'COOL'ON YOU

Anonymous said...


Tania said...

UNCOOL - the standard perfume 'choice' in department stores etc.

COOL - small perfume shops and department stores who stock unusual scents. Perfume discounters who harbour hiddenm treasures.