Sunday, May 24, 2009

Parfums MDCI Rose de Siwa

I had no idea I was longing for a sweet pink rose scent, so dewy and innocent. All this time I’ve avoided the YSL Paris and Drole de Rose variety of rose fragrances and then I try Rose de Siwa and I have to sit down lest I fall and hit my head in mid-swoon.

Rose de Siwa quenches my thirst. It envelopes me in moist rose kisses. It is so delicately girly and beautiful. It is a caress on the cheek from a velvety pink rose petal.

This can’t be me writing this. I must be having a nervous breakdown. I’m the gal who likes Frederic Malle Une Rose, Diptyque L’Ombre dans L’Eau and Ungaro Diva.

Rose de Siwa would be categorized in the same fruity floral rose-violet-peony category of scents as Bond No. 9 Chelsea Flowers, Frederic Malle Lipstick Rose, Creed Spring Flowers, Vera Wang Truly Pink and Les Parfums Rosine Roseberry. I do not wear any of these fragrances, I’m over the age of 22, it’s just not my thing.

But, Rose de Siwa is breathtaking. It easily surpasses all of these other fruity rose scents. Rose de Siwa is the purest, fairest rose I’ve ever smelled. Francis Kurkdjian is the cause of all this. And I read that he doesn’t even like working with rose scents. I think this makes me like Rose de Siwa even more, like it’s an unwanted child, left on my doorstep in a basket, that I’ll gladly take in and care for. I’ll put pink ribbons in her hair, and dress her up in the cutest pink gingham outfits, oh we’ll have so much fun me and little Rosie de Siwa.

Yes, it’s definitely a nervous breakdown or some sort of midlife crisis. But nevertheless, Rose de Siwa is stunning. It contains lychee! And I still love it.

Rose de Siwa is the truest sweet pink rose in fragrance form. There’s nothing soapy or powdery – all you need to do is bend down, feel the heft of the petals in your hand and inhale deeply.

Sometimes a pink rose, and only a pink rose, is all that's necessary.

Notes: Lychee, peony, hawthorn, Turkish and Moroccan roses, violet, cedar, musk, vetiver


Tammy said...

This was a heartbreaker for me...I am a huge rose fan, especially the delicately girly and beautiful-caress- on- the -cheek- from- a- velvety- pink- rose- petal type roses.

This smells like Ban roll-on deodorant on me. You are probably too young to even remember roll-on deodorants, but it's a dead ringer for Ban on my skin.

But hey, at least I have saved myself a Bundle O' Cash!

Parfum d’Empire Eau Suave Eau de Parfum does a very similar thing...oh, the mysteries of skin chemistry!

Abigail said...


Thanks for the age related compliment but I definitely remember Ban roll-on since I've used it for the better part of my life! (How old do ya think I am?!) Only a few years ago did I realize there are better deodorants out there, one's that don't go on wet and mostly stay wet...altho' I always loved the smell of Ban. I started using it because my favorite Aunt used it in the mid-80's.

Anyway, the smell of Ban is *not* what you want out of an expensive rose perfume. As you said, $$ saved.

I have a sample of Eau Suave and am almost afraid to try it. My hopes are high.

Tammy said...

Abigail, I guess I just always assume that all y'all internet- savvy, bloggy types are decades younger than me, (I am 45) and WAY cooler!!!

And I agreee; Ban isn't a bad scent, just not one I want to spend $600 on!!!!

In addition the Ban accord, the Eau Suave has a slight but definite (to me) "cheap cologne" smell to it.

I am farily new to this perfume addiction, so I am not entirely sure what that smell might be, but I definitely associate it with cheap cologne, or one that has gone off. It could be that I just don't like whatever note it is, and assumed it was off, or cheap.

I started wearing Joy when I was three years old, so you can imagine that other things may seem a tad lightweight to me! ;o)

Abigail said...


I'm 38.

This is a very scary age - this late 30's thing. All sorts of mid-life crises around these parts :-)

Even though I have about 11 perfumes all up and down my arms I need to go wash everything off (dishwashing liquid to be sure) and try Eau Suave - so perhaps I can figure out what this 'cheap cologne' smell is...(it doesn't take much to get me onto another smell experiment).

Joy at 3 years old. Wow, and I thought I was so cool for wearing Diva at 14. I pale in comparison!