Monday, May 18, 2009

Histoires de Parfums Vert Pivoine: A Review

Histoires de Parfums is an interesting niche line who have created a fragrance library with each scent focused on historical figures. The majority of HdP’s fragrances are date named (1804, 1873) and focus on a charismatic personality at that time (George Sand, Colette, Mata Hari, etc). Within Histoires’ scent library they’ve created three “soliloquies,” which are soliflores and different from the rest of their collection. One of the soliflores is called Vert Pivoine which translates to Green Peony in English.

I’ve been searching for a peony scent that captures the delicate beauty of this flower for a very long time. I grew up in New Engand where peonies seem to be a late spring tradition. Peonies are quite hardy in New England where everyone in suburbia grows massive clumps of these flowers, in either white, pink, fuschia or crimson. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve smooshed my face into a big plump peony wishing I could bottle the smell, somehow capture this magnificent aroma forever. The fragrance of peonies, ahhhhhhh, it’s the essence of being alive.

I was very nervous to try Vert Pivoine because my hopes were high – I figured if a quality niche outfit like Histoires couldn’t do it – then who could? Well, Vert Pivoine comes very, very close to capturing the gorgeous scent of a big plush peony. I’ll give it a 9/10 because somehow, the gorgeous aroma of the peony just doesn’t translate fully into perfume, there’s always a little bit of the wondrous aroma that’s missing. Vert Pivoine is a naturalistic rendition, it includes the green stems and leaves, slightly woody and earthy notes, the soft petals along with some other lovely floral and berry notes. Vert Pivoine does come the closest to a true peony than I’ve ever experienced before, it’s light and sheer and true to the flower. Even though it’s named “Green Peony” I don’t find the fragrance particularly green, it’s a smidgen green, but not strongly. Once Vert Pivoine dries down it’s a soft and dreamy floral. Just a tip, I find the fragrance much more long lasting and reminiscent of peony when applied lavishly. The longevity is average so I apply at least 5-6 sprays which gives me a nicer sillage, which is important because I really do want to smell this lovely aroma wafting about me for most of the day.

List of notes for Vert Pivoine include: peony, green leaves, rose, mimosa, gardenia, red berries, sandalwood, cedar, musk, and vanilla. (peony is listed in the top, middle and basenotes)

I purchased mine from MioMia, which is one of the few boutiques to carry Histoires de Parfums in the U.S.A


ScentScelf said...

Alert! MioMia is running a sale on older packaging (& formulation) of certain HdP fragrances...

Joe said...

That's a great photo. I remember when I was growing up in New Jersey, our elderly Greek neighbors had a marvelous huge bed of deep pink peonies and I always thought they were so beautiful... yet I'm ashamed to admit I've never smelled one!

I received samples of Patchouli Noir and Marquis de Sade that I haven't tried yet, but I'm also very curious to try this one.

Abigail said...

Thanks for the alert - but I was wayyy ahead of ya - where do u think I got mine?! :-)

You're a Jersey boy? I'm a Jersey transplant. How could you have avoided smooshing your face into one of those big gawgeous peonies? (allergy sufferer?)

ScentScelf said...

Figured you'd have been there... ;)