Thursday, May 7, 2009

Vintage Naturals Mimosa by Demeter

You might have noticed I'm crazy about mimosa in perfumery. I'm also optimistic about new perfume launches. No, I haven't found any scents from Demeter to be full bottle worthy but a new perfume meant to showcase mimosa was a knee-jerk purchase for me.

Well...once again...not a good idea to buy unsniffed.

Vintage Naturals Mimosa smells like a generic white floral. It has better longevity than most Demeter scents, but it simply does not smell like mimosa. Trying to be objective, it's a decent scent, nothing awful about it, but I'm just perturbed that it doesn't smell like mimosa. Sort of like that LaVanilla Lavender Vanilla thing I bought a few months back. That didn't smell like lavender at all. (Loud Sigh)

If you're looking for a new mimosa, do not bother with the new Vintage Naturals Mimosa by Demeter.


Anonymous said...

I was disappointed by this line's great they're "all natural", but it would have been even better if they actually smelled like the label described. :S

Tania said...

I'm not sure I know what mimosa smells like - isn't it one of those that can't be extracted?
I seem to recall that Guerlain's Champs Elysee was supposed to be mimosa. And they have a new Allegoria caled Tiare Mimosa (or something like that). I have it, it's nice, but again, is it mimosa?

Abigail said...

Hey Tania,

I think mimosa smells like L'Artisan's Mimosa Pour Moi and Parfum de Nicolai's Mimosaique.

Amarige also has a strong mimosa note, to me. Especially the 2007 Harvest edition.

I've never caught the association with Champs Elysee or YSL Cinema (which many folks also say smells like it as well).

I, too, tried the AA Tiare Mimosa and it doesn't smell like it either...

On the upside, for an "all natural" fragrance line they have decent longevity.

Tania said...

I guess the problem is I've never actually smelt the real thing ;-) But I am curious about it.
I'll have a sniff at Mimosa Pour Moi next time I'm near a L'Artoisan counter. I'm not sure where to find the Nicolai, but I love searching scents out.

Amber said...

Oh, I loooooove PdN Mimosaique! It smells just like real mimosa!

It's been discontinued now, though, I think. At least that's what the lady at the PdN shop in Kensington said last time I was there. :-(

(love your blog, btw!)

Abigail said...


omg, please please tell me you're wrong about PdN Mimosaique being discontinued?!?

I will now have to buy 10 bottles (10 because it's so fleeting and easy to use up!)

I'm distressed...