Saturday, December 6, 2008

Five Fragrances for the Holidays

These are the perfumes I’m thinking of wearing this holiday season. I stay away from anything floral because I think big florals compete with the natural aroma of holiday festivities. Also, I prefer to wear scents which have sparkling & effervescent qualities.

Without further adieux, here are the five fragrances I’ll (most likely if I don’t change my mind) be wearing this year:

1. Let’s get this one over with. Angel Innocent. If you ever thought I had any taste in perfume your mind has changed now. But, here me out - Angel Innocent is a beautiful scent. Angel Innocent is similar to Angel but lighter, both in sillage and notes. Where Angel is dense and patchouli-heavy, Innocent is airy and just dances about you. Innocent has a decidedly sparkling, spicy and effervescent quality that reminds me of Christmas and holiday entertaining.

2. Chanel No. 22 seems perfect for any formal affair but especially around the holidays. It’s elegant, sophisticated and also quite sparkling.

3. Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir is a scent I love to wear in December and January. The slightly tangy pomegranate note blended with spices, woods, and, again, an effervescent & sparkling quality makes this perfect for nearly everything holiday related. Pomegranate Noir is wonderfully dry and one of the most tenacious in the Jo Malone line.

4. Serge Lutens Fumerie Turque – need I say more? Lounging by the fire, cooking and hanging out with family – Fumerie Turque is perfect this time of year.

5. Sonoma Scent Studio Champagne de Bois, is, as the name suggests another sparkling and effervescent scent. Champagne de Bois is a gorgeous woods & spice scent that is relatively neutral (won’t bother others and easily worn around food) while still being a scent that will have your nose glued to your wrist.

Anyone else care to share their favorite holiday fragrances?


Julie H. Rose said...

Mine: L'artisan's Safran Troublant, because it mingles well with the scent of home cooked food.

Goutal's Encens Flamboyant, because it smells of incense and a freshly cut Christmas tree.

lady jicky said...

I shall be in Diorella for it is summer my end of the world . If I won the lottery and jetted off to Europe - Mitsouko!


I will wear Zen - Shiseido last one of the trilogy. because it is to me like wearing gold on the skin and it makes me feel glamurous. Perfect for new year´s eve.
For christmmukah I am not sure yet, it all depends on the weather because here under the equator it is always hot during the holidays, but this year is a question mark so far...

Tania said...

Winter Delice, because it smells like a 'natural' Christmas - not the Yankee candle kind of 'Christmas' smell.
Mitsouko because it calms me when the usual family holiday chaos inevitably ensues.
And Possets Gingerbread Whorehouse because it's just so yummy!

Abigail said...


I forgot about Guerlain's Winter Delice - I love that scent for Hanukah-Mas! I'll need to add that to the list and make it my "top 6 fragrances" now...