Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pick a Pepper

I’ve always been fond of pepper. I pepper nearly everything I eat and the same goes for fragrance; a whiff of pepper makes a scent all the more intriguing for me. Supposedly, according to my horoscope, Aries people like pepper, along with the other fire signs (Leo and Sagittarius). I’ve been meaning to do a fluffy fun piece about the possible link between one’s zodiac sign and their choice of perfume but that’s still percolating in my mind for now. Peppery fragrances are wonderful for dreary days and cold weather so here are a few of my favorites peppers.

Diptyque Ofresia.
I reviewed Ofresia recently so I won’t bore you again, but this is a beautiful blend of freesia blooms and pepper. A sweet floral and pepper seems to me an unusual combination and the pepper stands out just as much as the freesia. I think it’s stunning and while I might tire of a fragrance that is singularly about freesia the addition of pepper keeps me sniffing myself all day ;-)

L’Artisan Poivre Piquant
I love the story of Poivre Piquant. The main notes of this fragrance are white pepper and milk. Poivre Piquant is based upon a tradition from Indian wedding ceremonies. In India pepper and sugar are placed on the bride’s veil to symbolize the hope of sweetness and spice in her upcoming marriage. The aroma of Poivre Piquant very much captures this idea of sweetness and spice – there’s an equal pairing of milk and honey with a soft whiff of pepper. Overall the fragrance is quite tender and comforting.

L’Artisan Piment Brulant
Piment Brulent reminds me so much of the book Chocolat by Joanne Harris. If you’ve read it you’ll remember the descriptions of “real hot chocolate” which were topped off with a dusting of cayenne pepper and other spicy ingredients. Piment Brulant contains notes of red pepper, chocolate, vanilla, musk, amber and cloves. It’s simply gorgeous, but not for the faint of heart – this stuff is as fiery as it is creamy.

Yves Saint Laurent Nu (the EdP, -not- the EdT which is quite different and not peppery at all). Brian introduced me to YSL Nu just a few months ago and it’s become one of my absolute favorites. Nu is a combination of incense and pepper. Nu is cooling, not fiery, but the whiffs of pepper are very much present.

And, no, I don’t usually sneeze while wearing my favorite peppery perfumes!


lady jicky said...

Here is a crazy piece of "stuff" I read once about pepper. Joan collins does not put it on her food for she says its bad for you!

Oh, by the way - I have pepper on my food and its excellent on steak! LOL

Sue said...

Hi Abigail!

I too love pepper in a fragrance - rose and pepper is a favorite combo as in Perles de Lalique.

However, I've yet to find a peppery-plummy fragrance. Do you have any suggestions? I'd love to find something with ripe fruity tones, but peppered to keep it from being too sweet and give it that almost oriental twist.


Abigail said...

You might try Keiko Mecheri Ume if you haven't already. I own The Posh Peasant and right now it's 20% off (until 12/12 at midnight).
Check out the reviews of Ume on basenotes and MUA. Ume is japanese plum with spicy woods. Unfortunately pepper isn't an obvious note - but it's the most unisex/spicy plum I've come across myself. :-)

Anonymous said...

I stick with Piper Nigrum for a pepper fix. It has a decongesting quality that really helps during a cold (apart from being a great scent) Ofresia is lovely, but it makes me sneeze nonstop.


ah pepper notes!
I love them.
I think they make the perfume accords round.
it is a finishing touch that makes all the different.
Although too much can ruin it and it gives an Eau de foot note...hahaha

I love pepper in the food but to give a spicy touch, not to cover the original flavor.
My favorite is pink pepper.

a peppery kiss from Brazil, Simone.