Saturday, December 27, 2008

Thank you for being there

I happily returned to my own home today after spending several days with relatives in my old hometown. As I looked around at my family members and old friends I realized there is one important piece of my life which they completely do not get. I keep my perfume interest (habit, obsession, whatever word works best), a secret from them. I’ve never told them I write a blog about perfume. They would think me crazy. I mean, bat shit crazy. Like many of you out there, I don’t have any blood relatives who have even the remotest interest in fragrance like I do. I’ve tried to explain The Posh Peasant to my closest aunt, and her reaction was “well, I guess everyone has their thing.” This basically means she thinks I’m bat shit. Oh, sure, I can talk about all my other hobbies and interests with my family, but not this one.

Being cooped up with people with zero interest in fragrance for a few days made me appreciate all of you so much more. It’s only been over the past 3-4 years since I became aware of basenotes, Now Smell This, Perfume of Life, MUA and many other blogs and online fragrance resources. This online perfume community makes my perfume obsession seem completely normal. If I’m candid, I must admit that finding all of you, who are just as interested/fascinated/enthralled by perfume as me, has caused me to feed the obsession even more. Yep, you’re a bunch of enablers! But, I love every moment of it. I really do. And I’m so glad you’re all here to go on this perfume journey with me.

By the way, I only took 3 bottles to Boston with me. Tom Ford Black Orchid (more about this later), Chanel No. 22 pure parfum (holiday gift to myself) and Diptyque Opone.

Reason for pic choice above: birds of a feather, flock together.

Pic is taken from Elephannie shop on Etsy


ScentScelf said...

In a community of enablers, each appreciates the other's thank YOU. ;)

Truly, I've been poring through blogs for most of a year now, and was very happy when I discovered you and Brian. Was happy to give many stars on the Fragrantica awards, and am even happier whenever I find a new post on your site.

That said, I guess I should give props to my family, who, while they are not into fragrance, understand being bat shit about something. They'll ask questions, and then be honest about when it goes beyond their ken. Not in a bad way, just a respectful thing, like when I've had a little too much of the technical geek love and need to wave my little white flag. :)

Here's to a fragrant exploration of 2009!


Dearest Abby,
I am truly desappointed!!!
There is no such thing as hiding your most amazing passion from family sweety!
Not only I think they should know about but I challenge you to make them interested in fragrances. You have the skills, it should be a goal for 2009.
When i started my parents were asking all the time: is there any money involved? how exactly you are going to make money from it??
They never understood that it was a passion, not a buss. in my family if you are not making money out of it, it is useless.
So now they are all understanding what blog is all about and they are looking for fragrances and when they find something interesting about it, in a book,magazine, internet, etc... they send to me!
Do not leave your family out of this, it will be a challenge but you can accomplish I am sure!
Please think about it, for me...

Kisses and happy holidays,

Tania said...

Yes, as Scentself said - thank you too! ;-)

I have two 'hobbies' my family don't get at all, so I can understand where you're coming from. The first is perfume, obviously. If they had any idea of the size of my collection, I know how they'd nag me unmercifully about wasting my money. Hence, I keep it quiet.

The second is that I go to fan conventions. Which makes me irredeemably geeky, apparently, and has occasioned pitying looks from my sister, so I've learned not to mention that, either! (No, not Star Trek conventions, and there are no Klingon costumes in my closet - even in the geekverse, there are levels of nerditude! But I have been to a Battlestar Galactica one...)

Abigail said...

OK, I promise you, I will try to engage my family :-)

I've been to a Star Trek convention!!

Tania said...


LOL!! Then you are truly a geek!;-)

I did too, once (it was called 'Shore Leave'). I only went because it also included 'Buffy' guests. So I'm not a proper geek, sadly. I was a fan of Star Trek original, but not since then.

It just seemed from what I saw there that Star Trek cons have a high percentage of people walking around all day in costume - with home-made Klingon makeup, Spock ears, and Starfleet outfits. And that's a level of fandom I've never been to. I try to blend in with the 'straights' so they won't know my true nature, see... ;-)