Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tocca Brigitte: A Review

I’m fond of Tocca perfumes. I like Touch & Stella. The whimsical bottles and boxes are darling. I don’t often use the word ‘darling’ and it reminds me of the mother of my childhood best friend who grew up in Kansas had a sweet little Midwestern accent and looked like a cross between Ashley Judd and Reese Witherspoon with bouncy blond hair. Anyway, Tocca’s branding is darling. I had been hopeful that Brigitte would be lovely and a worthy addition to the line. In a way I was routing for Tocca, cheering for them to concoct a nice new juice.

Unfortunately Brigitte falls flat. It starts off with a zippy blast of ginger and rhubard. For five minutes I thought they had done it ~ I thought they’d created an interesting scent. After the sixth minute Brigitte turns into a watery, fruity (papaya), rosey haze of boredom. Brigitte smells fine, surely there will be some who like it, but its blandness doesn’t do anything for me.

Notes: Papaya, ginger, rhubard, Morroccan rose, saffron, sandalwood & panettone


lady jicky said...

I liked their Stella but this one sounds sort of "ordinary". Will see if it comes to our shores and I will give if a sniff!

prettybottles said...

i love love love stella, it's one of my favorites ever.. i can't even remember what brigitte smells like. i'd like to get samples of all of them.