Saturday, September 13, 2008

You Know You're a Perfume Addict When...

Inspired by a hilariously funny post on Perfume of Life forum ~

You use the phrase “to my nose” on a daily basis

You know the difference between, edp, edt, extrait, elixir, pure parfum, etc.

You can easily convert ml to oz, drams to ml and back again. In fact, these conversion sites are bookmarked.

Your emails and forum posts are peppered with: SL, FM, CdG, L’A, EL, POTL, AG, KM, YSL, AL, DSH, FBW, HG, LS, BH, etc.

You know a scrubber is a very bad thing

Decant, swap and split are words you use nearly daily

You understand these acronyms and think it’s completely normal: SOTM, SOTD and SOTE

You know Unsniffed purchasing is dangerous territory but you do it anyway and try not to admit it

The names Ellena, Roudnitska, Grojsman, Lutens, Sheldrake, Ropion, Goutal hold every bit as much meaning (if not more) than Obama, McCain or Palin

You purchase back up bottles of perfumes you fear will be discontinued (dc)

You have an unusually friendly and first-name-basis relationship with your mail carrier and clerks at local post office

You know the latest fragrance releases, even before sales associates do, and you know so much more than the SA’s, yet you try to be polite and listen with patience

Friends and family members hide when you come at them with your wrist saying “smell this”

You buy perfumes you don't even like or would never actually wear because they are "classics" or "you might want to have as a point of reference"

You sniff your wrists or the crook of your arm countless times each day, others might think you have an unfortunate tick.

You always apply a few quick spritzes before bed. If you forget, you bounce right back up and get your fix.

As soon as you find out a friend is going overseas, you begin the list

You’re wary of trying limited editions in case you fall in love


Tania said...

So true!

I'd add:
when you have an entire cupboard (or more than one) full of perfume, but your sweaters are piled on a chair because there's no room for them anywhere else..... ;-)

Olfacta said...

...when your significant other's stuff begins to fall off the other side of the dresser because your bottles and boxes are spreading,and spreading and spreading because you filled up the storage cabinet six months ago...and all your friends are sure you've lost your mind.