Thursday, January 29, 2009

Three for Thursday: Hampton Sun Privet Bloom; LaVanila Vanilla Lavender & Fresh Violette

Who knew? Hampton Sun’s Privet Bloom is a lovely Green (yes, green with a capital “G”) floral. I’ve been looking for a new green fragrance for the coming summer and tried Privet Bloom on a whim and am pleasantly surprised. It’s extremely green – the greenness reminds me of Diptyque’s L’Ombre dans L’eau, actually. I bought the EDP so I don’t know how the EDT compares, but the longevity and sillage are monstrous, which is a good thing in my book. Privet Bloom is a straight-forward, minimalist, true to nature scent. It literally smells like privet stems and leaves crushed between your fingers and rubbed on your skin. Privet is a shrub (bush, hedge) found growing in the Hamptons as well as many other places on the planet. Privet Bloom is almost shockingly green, with floral notes but the slight florals are discreetly seated at the back of the room. For a small perfume company hailing from New York I am duly impressed.

Longevity: excellent
Sillage: good
Rating: 4 stars

I’m an optimist when it comes to new perfume launches. I read about LaVanila’s newest Vanilla Lavender and thought that if done well – this could be a nice combination. Well, it’s not. If you want to smell true lavender blended with vanilla this is not your fragrance. It smells of vanilla blended with generic florals. It’s very sweet. I cannot smell anything resembling lavender in it. It’s a huge disappointment. Now I’m hankering for a well-done vanilla/lavender scent, do you know of any? It seems that vanilla could add just the right softness to make lavender a wearable perfume, as opposed to a home fragrance.

Longevity: longer than desired
Sillage: good
Rating: 1 star

Fresh fragrances have been hit or miss for me. Mostly, the misses are because they’re too fleeting or just boring. But I keep trying Fresh fragrances because I love the vintage inspired packaging and the product seems to be made of high quality ingredients (or so their branding makes me believe). Fresh’s Violette is a sweet, candied violet-floral that is pretty. I’m not being sarcastic; sometimes simply pretty is good and I’m finding that I like it better than Borsari’s Violetta di Parma, which has a strange plastic note on me. Truthfully, I much prefer Annick Goutal’s La Violette, within this category of simple, sweet, violet solifores but Fresh’s Violette is nice. It’s not among the listed notes but I definitely smell lilac in Violette, perhaps even more so than violet.

Longevity: good
Sillage: good
Stars: 2.75

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Scent Hive said...

well-done vanilla/lavender scent= Jicky. You've got to experience it in its original form if you can.