Friday, January 2, 2009

TWRT 1.02.09

I don’t know what it is about the movie Arthur (Dudley Moore, Liza Minelli, 1981) but it makes me incredibly nostalgic. I was a child when I saw Arthur. It couldn’t have made much sense to me back then. If it’s on television I watch it, I must have seen Arthur at least 20 times by now. I love the theme song as well, sung by Christopher Cross. Its ultimate elevator music but I love it. (“…if you get lost between the moon and New York City…”)

Pancakes taste amazing at midnight.

Revelation: Chanel No. 22 body lotion paired with No. 22 pure parfum is too good to be true. I’ve been swooning all over myself for days. I feel so fortunate and thankful to have both the lotion and the parfum.

Watching Arthur tends to make me drink. This evening I paired Arthur with a Dirty Goose (a Grey Goose vodka martini with olives and olive juice).

Chanel Beige has grown on me immensely. I think this is one of the best new perfumes from 2008. Initially I expected something a bit more than simply a “pretty” perfume. But Beige is a very well done freesia, it’s just lovely. It’s nothing edgy or interesting but it’s a pretty, well done and classy fragrance.

Not much more than one year ago I thought I disliked Chanel. Now I have nearly every single one and I adore them. Except I have never sniffed Chanel’s Sephora variety – such as Chance & Allure – are these worth sniffing?

Mallomars, made by Nabisco, are the ultimate grocery store cookie.

I’ve seen a slew of Christmas release movies over the past week. Here’s my take: Seven Pounds with Will Smith (which I like to call Seven Buckets of Sob), it was dreadful; Benjamin Button: dreadful, Cate Blanchett could not save this awkward flick; The Wrestler, this is supposedly Mickey Rourke’s comeback movie, it was miserable, Marisa Tomei’s character is flat and one-dimensional. Perhaps Rourke acted well but the movie was such a drag. Slumdog Millionaire, this was the highlight, I loved it, highly recommend.

Up Country makes wonderful dog & cat collars. I love the fabrics they use and the fact that everything is handmade. Check out their website:

I really like Ellen DeGeneres. She’s seems to be such a positive, happy and easy-going person. I watched her day-time talk show this week and love the way she dances around.

I just finished reading The Thirteenth Tale, it’s a great book.

Not much longer before Big Love starts up again on HBO (cannot wait) and also American Idol (my guilty pleasure).

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