Friday, January 23, 2009

TWRT 1.23.09

This week was really cold – perhaps that’s why I was into big powerful fragrances (Insolence EDP, Alien, Joy).

Today I’m wearing Calypso Mimosa. This is supposed to be their signature scent. It’s entirely underwhelming so if this is their best work I’m not impressed with Calypso at all.

Hermes Apres La Mousson is growing on me even more. If you like vetiver and cool spices (and aren’t turned off by a slight melon note) give this a try. It seems perfect for hot summer days.

I’m a devoted fan of American Idol but I hate this stage where they show only the most ridiculously awful auditions.

I made chocolate chip cookies this week from scratch. I followed the recipe on the back of the Nestle semi-sweet chocolate chips bag. I was plum out of vanilla extract so I used almond extract in desperation. They were even better this way.

Serge Lutens Nuits de Cellophane is on its way to me. Additional unsniffed purchases will be Annick Goutal Un Matin d’Orage and Prada Infusion de Fleur d’Oranger. I’m just keepin’ it real; I know I’ll buy these unsniffed.

I saw a film called Taken with Liam Neeson. It was an excellent thriller. I saw it without any preconceptions and was pleasantly surprised.

I’ve figured out how to purchase more perfume. Since January 1st I’ve stopped buying breakfast and lunch during the work week. I make coffee at home and eat a breakfast bar in the morning and make my lunch. I will save approximately $300 per month by doing this. It’s a pretty painless way to afford more fun stuff.

There are several boxes waiting for me at home (proof of my savings on breakfast and lunch so far this month!) which I can’t wait to go home and sample all at once.

Oh, and I like the new judge on American Idol. She looks a bit like Katherine McPhee.

Have a fragrant weekend everyone.

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ScentScelf said...

I always wait for the second half of Idol season, which I then enjoy...will look forward to meeting the new judge then.

Good job on the cookies!