Friday, January 30, 2009

TWRT 1.30.09

Today is my Father’s birthday – happy Birthday Dad!

There are so many mainstream department store perfumes that I mix up, confuse and barely get around to sniffing. For some reason, Marc Jacobs stuck in my mind as something I ought to try. Well, I tried MJ (the original, 2001) this week and although pleasant and perfectly enjoyable I find it fills me with a feeling of depression. Is smells barren and void of any emotion. As if the perfumer who created it didn’t put any heart and soul into the final product. I think ‘product’ is the defining word. Michael Kors, Vera Wang and Burberry also elicit these same sad feelings for me.

American Idol fans – next week the show gets better. We’ll be done with the truly ridiculous auditions.

As awful as LaVanila Vanilla Lavender was, I find myself wanting a good vanilla/lavender scent.

I love Amouage Lyric. Did I mention this? ;-)

I thought Michael C. Hall (Dexter, Six Feet Under) was gay. I was surprised to find he recently married the woman who plays his sister on Dexter (character Deb Morgan – real name Jennifer Carpenter).

LaVanila makes a wonderful lip balm/moisturizer. It’s like melting crème brulee on your lips.

This week I wore Caron Bellodgia and remembered why I love it so much. Bellodgia is the first carnation fragrance I ever sniffed and it’s still my favorite. I also love Ava Luxe Oeillets Blanc, Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Oeillet Rouge and Comme des Garcons Red Carnation. I saw Floris Malmaison on discount – is this one worth trying?

Earlier this week I bought 5 huge bouquets of Casablanca & Stargazer lilies for $10 from the supermarket. I’ve been swooning all week at the amazing aroma wafting about my house.

I had very little time to make a decent meal this week let alone anything special. I did, however, make a quick-n-easy meal discovery. I always buy a frozen pizza at Whole Foods market – just to have something when I’m desperate. I happened to have goat cheese, sundried tomatoes and roasted red peppers on hand. I sprinkled these atop the pizza and it tasted as if it was from a gourmet restaurant.

I secretly love Martha Stewart. There it’s out. I know deep inside she’s just a little Polish girl from Jersey.

I’ve been anticipating the arrival of Serge Lutens Nuit de Cellophane for over a week now. The suspense is keeeeling me.

I don’t believe in layering fragrance. I mean that in the sense of “forced layering” a la Jo Malone. Obviously I mistakenly layer perfumes all the time since I wear about 3 per day. I found the most beautiful blend this week: Serge Lutens Chergui + L’Artisan Bois Farine. I adore Chergui but there’s a tiny part of it that I find sickening. Bois Farine removes the sickening bit, lessens the sweetness and adds a doughy wheat quality that’s sheer magic.

Brian is the best – I lurve my perfume f(r)iend…(awwww)


Dain said...

Caron Pour Un Homme

ScentScelf said...

I do appreciate the Idol update...will start tuning in next week.

I know the element of Chergui of which you speak; interesting, that Bois Farine layer thing.

I think I already mentioned my goat cheese/sun dried tomatoes trick with mac n cheese.

♥♥ Lyric.

♥♥♥ Perfume f(r)iends. :)

Have a great weekend...

Unknown said...

I never comment, but I have been reading the blog for a few months now. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy it. Thanks!

Abigail said...

Caron Pour Un Homme is your vanilla/lavender rec?

The reason I happened to have goat cheese and sundrieds on hand is because of your mac-n-chee rec! :-)

Tania said...

For the lavender scent, have you tried Vero Kern's Kiki? It's not vanilla, but caramel - but I think it's an outstandingly good and different take on lavender.

I like the Comme des Garcons Red Carnation, too, but it's a bit overpowering on me. I have layered it with an incense, and that works better.

Abigail said...

I haven't tried any of the Vero Kern's yet - they seem outrageously expensive (I know, I know, this coming from the person who loves Amouage Lyric and sprung for a huge bottle)

Tania said...


I know, they are rather expensive, aren't they? But I do like them, so maybe one day...

I only have samples, myself. I got them from Vero's site, and they are fairly generous given that they are perfume strength. The stuff lasts for ages, too.

Tania said...

Here's another one, then.

I love Soivohle scents but haven't been back to the site for a while. It appears now they have a lavender, with some vanilla in it. It's under the Moderne section, and it's called Lavender Water.

Dain said...

Yes, sorry for not being more specific! :\

Abigail said...

Thanks so much. We're happy you're reading and enjoying the blog.
Wave your perfume-freak flag high in the air ;-)

Scent Hive said...

I'm sure you saw this,

Alt godt said...

I love Martha Stewart too! :blush: My dream is to become the Norwegian Martha Stewart...

Abigail said...

No - I hadn't caught Burr's review of Lyric yet - thanks so much for pointing it out.
I love Chandler's reviews - and his observations and taste seem to match mine better than Turin/Sanchez.
Well, well, I'm so happy Chandler agrees with *me* (hee hee) that Lyric is some seriously good stuff. :-)
(Today I have Lyric on one arm and Jicky on the other...)

Abigail said...

Alt Godt,

Go for it - I'm sure Norway is ripe for a Norwegian Martha Stewart ;-)

Just don't get into any trouble - like our beloved Martha did - be an honest business woman!