Friday, January 16, 2009

TWRT 1.16.09

I was gathering up clothes for laundry last night and I got whiffs of Guerlain Insolence EDP from some sweaters I wore this week – this stuff is just gorgeous and it lasts for days

An easy, quick and yummy way to make lasagna is to layer cheese ravioli instead of regular lasagna noodles. I layered frozen cheese ravioli with chopped spinach & ricotta, doused the whole thing with sauce and mozzarella and viola

Thanks to Olfacta I’m reading What the Nose Knows and finding it fascinating

Four floral notes I adore are orange blossom, linden, mimosa and osmanthus. I’ve noticed that there’s often an herbaceous or vegetal quality to perfumes that focus on these notes. I suppose one could call this a fresh floral or a green floral.

I cannot wait for Sunday night – Big Love starts again

Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice, really ought to smile

I’m looking forward to the new Serge Lutens called Nuits de Cellophane. In case Mr. Lutens is taking requests these days I’d love to have a vibrantly green fragrance by him. Which reminds me, I need to try Bel Respiro.

Nip / Tuck is a guilty pleasure of mine but I was mortified by the situation between Christian and Liz this week. This show has jumped the shark but I still watch.

I feel like the lone person who was not able to take advantage of the C.O. Bigelow sale in the U.S.

Smashbox Halo mineral foundation is pretty good stuff. I switched from Bare Escentuals and like it better.

Where I live it’s the dead of winter, absolutely freezing cold. The upside is that I’m able to wear the most full-bodied florals and spicy fragrances from my collection. Also when the temperature reached 16 degrees today I was so happy that Brian knows how to knit.

For those who watch Flight of the Conchords I have four words for you: “I’m weaving right now.”


Karen G said...

Oh, yes, you NEED to try Bel Respiro. I want a full bottle of this along with 31 Rue Cambon and La Pausa, but I guess I'll make do with decants a while longer...

So, lasagne...I always get confused with all the layers and what order they are supposed to be in :/

Abigail said...


Saks is having a $25 off orders over $100 sale so perhaps I will get Bel Respiro ;-)

I have 31 Rue and adore it.

Haven't tried 28 La Pausa yet...

ScentScelf said...

CO Bigelow was having a sale??

Thanks for the lasagna tip. Would you like to sophisticate your mac n cheese? Add goat cheese, and julienned sun dried tomatoes. Voila right back atcha.

I ♥ Bel Respiro. Bois des Isles is my ultimate Chanel, and one of my all time favorites, but Bel Respiro is the most beautiful clean green breath of air that goes to the inside of you like -2 degree air, but without the pain.

28 La Pausa is a lovely Chanel-y iris. Have not tried 31 Rue.

Want to try Insolence EDP.

We warmed up to 19 degrees today. That's 25 degrees warmer than yesterday. Small favors.


Abigail said...


Do you use goat cheese instead of regular cheese or a dollop in addition to it?

I love goat cheese and sun dried tomatoes so this I will try! Thanks for the tip.