Sunday, July 6, 2008

Null and Void: Baghead Fashion, Summer 2008

The staff of I Smell Therefore I Am put ourselves out there at risk of public scorn and rejection. Does this scare us? Sometimes. There are many weird, crazy people in the world. We're not saying you're one of them, but inevitably you will encounter a few.

We take the bag off our head so that you don't have to. We protect your right to privacy. We salute one's right to hide behind a mask! How else would you throw eggs without risking getting some flung back at you?

It is for this and so many reasons that we present to you the latest in paper bag fashion, right off the runway:

Ladies, what could be more fashionable than this, the height of chic? Dare we say nothing? Notice please the off-set eye holes, for that seductive come hither look. The shoulders are custom fit, the bag deceptively durable. Once home, you can even store fruit and sundry goods in it.

Not everyone wears her bag out on the town. Sometimes, you want a jeans and t-shirt look, for a night at the movies. Well, casual can be glamorous too. Notice the chin gear on this one (perfect for convertibles). And note the pleasantly blank expression. The eye holes are conveniently located in the back, for the scary parts during your feature presentation. The bag in question, using the latest technology, can actually be rotated on your head, as if to turn the other cheek.

Men, don't think we've forgotten you. How could we? You know what we always say: why wear anything at all when you have a bag over your head?

A word of caution, as this is a perfume blog. Please, please, do not apply perfume while wearing your bag and lighting a cigarette. Bags are fashionable but highly flammable. It might feel like fur, but they don't call it paper for nothing. (Disclaimer: No bags were injured during this re-enactment)

And remember: your dog friends can easily give you away!

As you can see from this limited medley, anonymity doesn't have to be annoying.

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