Friday, July 18, 2008

Mimi La Rue: I never met you, but I'll miss you

Red Flower's Champa roll-on will always remind me of Mimi La Rue, Tori Spellings' pug. Here's why:

Last week I was at the salon having my hair done. I use salon time to catch up on all the gossip and fashion magazines. Last weekend I came upon a very sad announcement. Mimi La Rue passed away in June.

My eyes filled with tears when I read this from People magazine:
Mimi LaRue died at home surrounded by her family, including Spelling's husband Dean McDermott, 41, son Liam, 1, and newborn daughter Stella, 10 days old. "I'm devastated," said Spelling, who reveals her dog had suffered from medical problems relating to her hips and neck for years. "I'm convinced she waited around to make sure I had the daughter I always dreamt about before she left us."
I Smell Therefore I Am is about all things scented. I have two dogs and I love the smell of their paws, I think they smell just like Fritos. I imagine Tori Spelling misses the smell of Mimi La Rue. I remember a Great Dane I had growing up, his paws smelt like fresh cut grass because he was always running around in the back yard until his paw pads turned greenish. The two dogs I have now actually love having their baths. I use lavender scented shampoo and tell them they smell nice (pronounced nooooyyyyce) as they're being sudsed up.
The Salon carries Red Flower organic fragrances. I had just tested Red Flower's Champa on each wrist before I read the article about Mimi La Rue’s passing. The smell of Champa will always remind me of Mimi La Rue now.
Farewell, Mimi La Rue, you little pug legend. You lived a good life and I just know you were loved very much and will be missed.