Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Creed Love in Black: A Review

I must admit to not being a huge Creed fan. I really like Fleurissimo, and have bought about 3 bottles of it and wore it quite often in the late 90’s, but I’ve never loved another Creed fragrance. Creed’s Love in White wasn’t to my liking at all. But when I read the list of notes for Love in Black (henceforth LiB) I was immediately curious: Greek wildflowers, Violet, Virginia cedar, Iris from Firenze, Clove, Tonkin musk, Violet from Grasse, Bourgogne blackcurrant, & Rose (taken from Creed press release).

LiB starts off with a blast of violet/iris and tar, almost like a hot asphalt driveway on a 100 degree day. LiB remains fairly linear; the violet, iris and floral notes settle atop this tarry dark stew and eventually blend seamlessly into an unusual floral aroma. This is particularly unusual for Creed. I’d go so far as to call LiB rather edgy for a Creed fragrance. The floral notes are sweet but the tarry, musky, spicy notes definitely counteract any overdone sweetness and create a nicely balanced aroma - perfectly sweet and dry at once. After a few hours, LiB becomes a smidgen powdery, but in a good way; overall I don’t smell much other than the violet, iris, tar and musk notes and it doesn’t morph into something very different or complex. I rather like LiB, more than I anticipated I would. I’ve worn it three times now and each day I liked it more. It has nice sillage, so it’s not a close to the skin fragrance, and it also has good lasting power. I’m a stickler for lasting power so I’m pleased when I can still smell LiB on my skin at the end of the day. LiB is most definitely a unisex scent, but then again, I’m of the thinking that anyone should wear anything they want.

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For purchasing information and everything you need to know about CREED: http://www.creedperfumes.us/


Jessica Willis said...

Are you a Tabarome fan? Judging by your other favorites, maybe not.
My olfactory stars, with their loose-ish associations:
1. Tabarome (work)
2. Rush (December snowstorm)
3. Bandit (late fall)
4. Feu d'issey (midsummer, RIP)
5. Obsession (obvious, I know, I know, but still...)
6. Bluebell (wet springtime)
7. English Fern (late spring)
8. Gucci (bedtime)
9. Blue Grass (my early teens)
10. Joy (my mum)
11. Pampelune (spring in south Florida)
12. Poison (big hair, sequins in the city, 80s)
13. Eau de Metal (late 80s, daytime partying)
14. Love's Baby Soft (naivete)
15. Crystalle (green fuse)
My husband and I love perfume and make it a daily part of our lives.
Thanks! Jessica W.

Abigail said...

We should go on a long car ride together! I am very easily amused by categories and lists...and perfume association games...;-)
I have sampled Creed's Tabarome and I recall liking it. It's a citrusy/tobacco/vetiver, yes?
You've given me an idea for a fun blog entry...with your list.

Jessica Willis said...

Tabarome is leathery tabacco, with girly notes on top. Odd and nice, because it's a men's scent. Worn by the likes of Bogart and Churchill, no doubt.
I enjoy your blog, I don't normally write about scent very often but your site changed that.
I've let my own blog languish as of late, but you've inspired me!
PS-I forgot to add Alexander McQueen's divine Kingdom to my all-star list. That's nighttime in Florida to me!

Abigail said...

Jessica...thank you ever so much...I'm blushing. It really is a joy writing this blog. When you're writing about something that's a passion...it's easy to find the time. Good luck with your blog, I'll be over to visit soon ;-)
PS: I have *never* smelt Alexander McQueen. I'm off to Neiman Marcus today to sniff a few (who am I kidding to sniff a zillion) perfumes, if they carry it I'll make sure to give it a try...along with a re-sniff of Tabarome.

Jessica Willis said...

McQueen's Kingdom is off the market too, now. Down to my last decanter...it has a lush, smoky, neroli scent under some white flower, probably camellia. Unsure. as usual, its the middle and bass notes that attract me.
I forgot another one: Donna Karan's Black Cashmere. Very strange, leathery, soily, verging on unpleasant. But I get compliments when I wear it during the cold months.
Let me know what you think of Tabarome. I like thge idea of a scent association topic thread.

Abigail said...

DK Black Cashmere is among my top 10 favorites for cooler weather. I'm so sad it's discontinued. I bought 2 more bottles from ebay a few months ago thankfully. I sampled Tabarome today, it's a nice leathery scent. I brought a sample home with me. I went in search of TDC Sublime Balkiss but they didn't have it in stock yet. I wrote a review of Tom Ford's White Patchouli, the newest entry. I also picked up good sized samples of the new David Yurman fragrance and Feerie. I'll write reviews of these this week. I bought TDC Sel de Vetiver, one of my faves - I bet you like that one - if you don't know it - it's a must try ;-)