Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Banal Always Receives the Compliments

I wear perfume for me. I wear what I like, however unusual or common or high-brow or low-brow it may be. I’m not a perfume snob. If it smells good, it doesn’t matter the brand, I wear it. It just so happens that my taste (my smell?) in perfume leans toward the unusual. It’s my opinion that once a person becomes a perfumista (is it perfumisto for boys?) they tire of the popular scents that everyone wears and long for something unique. I’m always looking for a scent that impresses me with its new treatment of that special something. There are fragrances that I’m in love with and I’ve noticed that no one ever compliments me on these. Just about never. It’s only when I wear the most common everyday perfumes that someone feels compelled to ask me what I’m wearing or tell me I smell good. I wonder why that is? I’ll keep wearing my favorites, because I wear perfume for myself, because it pleases me. But I just wonder why the general public doesn’t notice the truly beautiful or unusual stuff.

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Pimpinett said...

I receive compliments on Borneo 1834 sometimes, by people who wear Chanel Allure, Clean and the like. I think that's rather impressive, both on the side of the Clean-wearers and Borneo's performance on my skin.