Monday, June 16, 2008

Just for fun: perfume trivia

1. What perfume is considered to be the first oriental?
a. Poison
b. Opium
c. Arpege
d. Shalimar

2. Who was the first female to produce a designer perfume?
a. Coco Chanel
b. Estee Lauder
c. Jeanne Lanvin
d. Elizabeth Arden

3. What is the so-called capital of world perfumery?
a. New York
b. Paris
c. Grasse
d. Milan

4. Which of these is not a French perfume house?
a. Caron
b. Laura Biagotti
c. Loris Azzaro
d. Nina Ricci

5. Which famous actress was the face of Chanel No 5?
a. Audrey Hepburn
b. Sharon Stone
c. Raquel Welch
d. Catherine Deneuve

6. What popular perfume has a star shaped flacon?
a. Obsession
b. Clinique Happy
c. Hanae Mori Magical Moon
d. Angel

7. What was the first Dior fragrance?
a. Dioressence
b. Diorella
c. Dior
d. Miss Dior

8. Which of these perfumes smell almost entirely of lily of the valley?
a. Estee Lauder Beautiful
b. Elizabeth Arden Red Door
c. Chanel Allure
d. Diorissimo

9. Essences of which two flowers are the most commonly used in perfumery?
a. jasmin and freesia
b. rose and carnation
c. jasmin and gardenia
d. rose and jasmine

10. These days perfumers use synthetic musk, but they used to get it from which animal?
a. deer
b. mink
c. whale
d. skunk

11. What was the first jewelry company to create a perfume line?
a. Boucheron
b. Cartier
c. Bvlgari
d. Van Cleef and Arpels

ANSWERS ~ Don't Peek!
1. d Shalimar; 2. a Coco Chanel; 3. c Grasse; 4. b Laura Biagiotti; 5. d Catherine Deneuve, as pictured above topless; 6. d Thierry Mugler Angel; 7. d Miss Dior; 8. d Diorissimo; 9. d rose and jasmine; 10. a deer, a musk deer; 11. d Van Cleef and Arpels

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Unknown said...

Good quiz. I only got 6 out of the 11 right. Nice photo - classic boobies...